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Julia+ (Julia Plus) Onahole

Julia Kyoka is one of the most well-known porn stars in Japan. This onahole was made in 2012 by the brand EXE, but is still super popular and is not below the famous No Shoumei Meiki’s of NPG. The quality of the ‘Julia+’ and the feeling of the double layered tunnel, already make this onahole a classic.

On the packaging Julia Kyoka is portrayed with her J-cup breasts (Japanese size). If you open the box, you will not only find the sealed product, but also a bottle of lubricant of no less than 50ml!

The exterior of the Julia+ looks very detailed. On the upper side you see her collar bones, below that you see her beautiful breasts. The areola and nipple make sure that her round breast really appeal to the imagination. Her belly, navel and big labia are also modelled after this Japanese AV porno star.

Julia Plus Onahole

If you turn around the Julia+, you see her shoulder blades and big round butt, something that stands out immediately is her deep waist, as if she points her butts backwards with her wasp waist.


De Julia+ is a decently soft feeling onahole. The tunnel is made of stiffer, more stimulating material.

The tunnel feels very real, de ridges at the beginning of the tunnel feel like the entrance of a real vagina!

Tunnel Julia+ Onahole

The tunnel has a rolling curve which pushes the penis down a bit half way in. Due to the soft material, it gives a soft counter pressure if you use her in missionary position.

Different every time

The Julia+ gives you at least three different experiences. Besides the missionary position you can also turn her 90 degrees or turn the most upper part a bit, to find the perfect fitting shape for you.

When you turn the full butt of the Julia towards you, the tunnel feels differently again. In doggy style you will feel a lot of stimulation in the middle part of the tunnel on the underside of your glans. Add to the fact that you can penetrate the Julia deeply and you will understand why she makes the head of many men spin and why the Julia+ is so popular for many years.

Due to the soft material you can also grip the Julia+ with one hand with for example your thumb under one breast. Then you can let her bounce over your penis. What a different feeling it gives you than just penetrating her.

Twist and Shake

Another neat trick which Julia can do, is twist the upside of her torso. With your penis in the Julia+ you twist her breast towards her butt. Then you let go, due to the weight of her breasts, she twists back and comes to a standstill after she made a shaking motion around your glans... You have to try this!

This onahole doesn’t have an enormous suctioning effect, but an acceptable vacuum. You can increase the vacuum by pushing out the air before, you slide in.

In short: The Julia+ is an onahole which you can enjoy for a long time and one which you can use in many different ways.

The cleaning of the Julia+

You have to be a bit careful with the cleaning, the entrance can tear if you turn her inside out. Another method is this:

Cleaning Julia+

The Julia+ is almost 18cm long and weighs 700 grams and is delivered with 50ml lubricant.

Additional Information

Brand EXE

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