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Description / Kitsu-Man Pocha Max

Kitsu-Man Pocha Max - Meaty & Soft Onahole With a Tight Channel

Whether you are looking for long gentle sessions or an intense squeeze play, Kitsu-Man Pocha Max will satisfy your cravings 100%. It is hefty enough to feel very realistic. At the same time, it’s pleasant and not rough. Ready to try?

Premium quality for your perfect satisfaction

G Project designed and manufactured their Kitsu-Man Pocha Max to satisfy even the most demanding men. It is a dual-layer onahole made from innovative momochi material which evolves with the use. The soft onahole feels super squishy to the touch on the outside. At the same time, the inner material is firm and tense enough to deliver excellent stimulation.

All you need to do is slide inside the onahole and squeeze it to enjoy the natural skin-like texture and an amazon vaginal tunnel. You can even twist or grind it a bit for 360 degrees of ultimate feeling. Depending on how you prefer to hold and squeeze it, it lets you experiment with different sensations and bring yourself closer and closer to a climax.

Soft and chubby exterior

Look at this beautiful girl on the box of Kitsu-Man Pocha Max. Imagine grabbing and squeezing her great boobs and pretty chubby sides of her stomach. It is exactly the kind of feeling you get when you take the toy into your hands.

The onahole is stretchy, so the length expands a bit as you squeeze it, allowing you to fit most of the way inside. This onahole is very soft and squeezable, so you can experience a gentle, sweet sensation as the pleasure increases gradually, bringing you to a satisfying orgasm at the end.

Tense realistic tunnel

Kitsu-Man Pocha Max features a pleasant mild tunnel. The pleasurable stimulation is not too overwhelming, making this onahole a perfect toy for longer sessions.

To get to the tunnel, you first push past the outer layer that, in close contact, provides a soft skin-like realistic experience. Then you get to the opening of the tunnel, which will seal around your shaft as you pull out, forming a nice suction all around. After you slide through the entrance, you immediately feel the material press around you hard.
The tunnel then gets tight and narrow as you push through multiple pleasure bumps. The ending of the tunnel has small pockets covered with multiple textures, making the feeling meaty and stimulating the sensitive end of your member.
The best part is that the harder you squeeze, the better you can feel all those subtle curves of the tunnel.


Brand: G Project
Net Weight 670 gram
Dimentions. (L x W x H cm) 14.5 x 10.5 x 10.5cm
Tunnel Length 11.58 cm
Material: TPE
Hole Design: Closed Hole Hole
Construction: Dual Layer
Lotion sample Included

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Perfekt love!
Review by Mr D
This to is really amazing! The feeling for one or 2 hands! OHHHH sooo perfect! Rekommendat this one 10 of 10
Hope too see this lovely pussy again. So realistisk in feeling
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Product weight 670.00 g

International Reviews

beste onahole
Review by Tim
Dit is de zachtste, meest realistische en meest comfortabele onahole die ik ooit heb gebruikt.Het is echt comfortabel. Het enige nadeel is dat het materiaal te zacht is, waardoor het snel slijt.
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