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Description / Kung Fu Nyan Nyan

Kung Fu Nyan Nyan 

The Kung Fu Nyan Nyan by ToysHeart features a cute girl in a classic Kung Fu pose. Judging by the size of those thighs, she’s been working out! We bet this girl has developed some interesting techniques to subdue her opponents…

Comfortably fleshy pocket pussy

With a length of 14 cms and a weight of 373 grams, you could definitely call this onahole chubby. Regardless of your preferences in girls, for an onahole, that’s a good thing! The thick walls are made of an elastic material, so when you slide in and stretch the tunnel it’ll squeeze you right back, like a woman’s pelvic muscles do. ToysHeart used the Virgin Skin material for this pocket pussy, which doesn’t only feel incredibly soft and smooth but is also very durable.

kung fu nyan nyan graph

Gentle but not boring

The onahole has a very well-defined design, but thanks to the fairly soft material it doesn’t get too intense very quickly - though the intensity definitely ramps up if you go too fast or use thin lube. The mostly straight tunnel starts off with a couple of thick bumps, which spiral around you and stimulate you with the smaller nubs and ridges that cover their surface. The Nyan Nyan then tightens slightly before allowing you entrance into the final dojo, where some subtle ridges and a single large bump massage the sensitive head of your cock.Toysheart rates all their toys on a convenient little graph, which tells us that the Kung Fu Nyan Nyan onahole is a little gentler than average, and neither particularly tight nor particularly loose.

Do you think you can take her?

The Kung Fu Nyan Nyan in short

ToysHeart has once again produced a great onahole, with excellent material and an incredibly well-designed tunnel. Taking a trip into this dojo is definitely worth it… But prepare to sweat a little!

Kung Fu Nyan Nyan care

Like all TPE and TPR onaholes you should use water-based lubricant as this will not damage the material. Thanks to the onahole tunnel’s straightforward design it is fairly easy to clean, as there are very few deep folds or narrow areas. If you want to know more about cleaning check out our pocket pussy cleaning page and read the text at the bottom of that page.

Kung Fu Nyan Nyan specs

Virgin Skin material
Length 14cm
Width 7.5cm
Tunnel length 11.8cm
Weight 373gr
Brand: ToysHeart

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 370.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 118.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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