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This sleek new addition to the KYO line will add a whole new kind of pleasure to your repertoire! Use it by itself, with an onahole, or with a partner - the dual vibration technology is certain to please!

A powerful vibrator for men

Vibrations are a powerful thing: not only does the quick back-and-forth beat feel great against your skin, it also stimulates deeper tissues and increases blood flow, giving more satisfying stimulation and making your erection even harder and bigger. The Capsule contains not one but two powerful vibration points, doubling your pleasure.

The translucent interior is made of a firm yet stretchy high-quality elastomer. As you penetrate it the material yields slightly, creating a tight seal against your shaft. This way, the vibrating pulses are transmitted perfectly.

The massaging bumps on the KYO Capsule’s inside create subtle pressure points, which works much better than a steady, all-over stimulation. They also feel great when you slide the ring up and down your shaft, twisting it as you go. Move it around up and down your shaft and over the head of your penis to find the best spots to deliver those vibrations to. If you pull it down around the shaft you can even use an onahole to stimulate the part that sticks out the top for even more fun!

deep tissue stimulation + increases blood flow + powerful dual vibration technology + 12 vibration modes + perfect transmission

Dual Vibration technology

Thanks to the KYO Capsule’s dual vibration technology it has a wide variety of vibration patterns available. For some patterns the two are in sync, creating powerful waves of vibrations. However, there are also patterns where the two each follow a different pattern, making it feel as though the vibrations whirl around you and travel through your shaft. Experiment and find out which pattern brings you to an inevitable climax the quickest!

KYO capsule men's vibrator

Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store

The KYO Capsule comes with an easy-connect USB charging cable. The charger attaches to the Capsule’s charging point magnetically and charges the battery. When the light goes from blinking to steady, your Capsule is fully charged.

The controls are intuitive and easy to operate with one hand: hold the + button for two seconds to turn it on, hold the - button for two seconds to turn it off. A short press of the button will let you switch between the twelve vibration modes. Always use a water-based lubricant with your Capsule.

After use simply wipe the Capsule clean with some water and mild soap or toy cleaner. Once it is fully dry put the plastic end caps on to protect the interior from dust.

The KYO Capsule in short

This powerful vibrator for men really delivers on the stimulation! Its dual vibration technology has 12 different patterns that’ll make you shiver with pleasure, and the vibrations are powerful enough to stimulate deep tissues and 

Size: 10.2 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm
Includes USB charging cable and manual
Dual vibration technology, 12 vibration modes
Materials: TPE and ABS
Brand: KYO

Additional Information

Brand KYO
Number of holes 1
Number of layers 2
Open/Closed Open
Reusable Is reusable
Bone structure With bone structure
Theme Neutral
Tunnel length 0mm
Product weight 600gram
  1. Good but not for me Review by Derek

    As always, let me start saying how fast is the delivery. (really fast)
    Now about the product itself, i found it ok the first time, and not really stimulating the second.
    I guess it's just that i don't find very stimulating vibration-type toys.
    (Posted on 5/20/2022)

  2. Almost perfect Review by Darren

    If the product was much longer, for instance, at least 15cm instead of 10cm in length it would have been perfect but since it barely covers anything with 10cm, its a bit disappointing. The product is very well built and I it lasts very long. I will update when it start to show issues physically. The stimulation and tightness was near perfect. For some, the tightness might be issue as the product is very firm and narrow that it require a lot of lube and force to go through so if yours is thick it might not even (Posted on 12/13/2021)

  3. Excellent toy that will definitely do it's job well while also being easy to maintain Review by Japanese entertainment enthusiast

    I don't recommend using this after any abstinence as it blew my dick off 5 seconds after turning on the power but for those with a stronger spirit this thing might just be the best thing you can get off this site (Posted on 11/26/2021)