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KYO Crystal Mouth

The KYO Crystal Mouth is an onahole that sets itself apart from the crowd not just with its stunning transparent design with hints of pink, but also by the fact that you can use it two ways: as an oral sex toy and as a pussy. The shape allows you to twist and turn it slightly, creating more varied stimulation, and the two tightness rings add some intensity without becoming too rough.

KYO Crystal Mouth Double Onahole Soft

Incredible oral sex onahole

The onahole industry has gotten better and better at replicating the feeling of getting a blowjob, and KYO has used every innovation they could find and combined it into what might just be the best oral masturbator on the market.

Those luscious lips aren’t just there for show: especially with some lube on them they will easily slide over and past the sensitive tip of your dick, kissing and teasing you. Squeezing the sides of the onahole will make the mouth open a little, allowing you to move the lips without getting your fingers in the way. Once you’re ready to go further, push in and you’ll feel the teeth slide past you, gently grazing your skin but not sharp or hard enough to be painful. The mouth’s entrance area is fairly mild: the ridged palate provides some stimulation from the top, while the flexible, slightly pointy tongue can massage you from underneath. If you push through to the back of her mouth you’ll feel it tighten right where the throat starts thanks to the tightness ring. This addition helps it feel like realistic deep throat as you thrust through it again and again, the uvula, pleasure bumps and ridges beyond making it even more amazing.

But on the other hand… A tight pussy.

So that sounds great, but there’s more! Rather than making “just” an oral sex onahole KYO has upgraded this design with a pussy on the other side. The elegantly shaped pussy has puffy outer labia, with inner labia so small that they are invisible. This looks beautiful, but conveniently also makes for a design that’s easy to slide into and has no delicate, easily-damaged parts.

When you push through the tight entrance this pussy will eagerly envelop you - be sure to use an sex toy warmer for the full experience! The first area delivers some fairly mild stimulation and reapplies lube with every stroke. After that, you’re in for a wild ride! The tunnel tightens, and the pressure is increased further by a tightness ring, creating a sort of portal that squeezes down on you in an amazing way. The KYO Crystal’s pussy curves up and down slightly, assaulting you with bumps, nubs and folds from all sides. When you push all the way in you’ll be able to reach the second tightness ring which will wrap around the head of your dick and push a tiny flexible bump against you for some amazing stimulation. This side is especially well-suited to twisting and turning, as that allows you to let the high-stimulation areas hit exactly the right spot.

KYO Crystal Mouth transparent onahole

Tantalizingly transparent, but not crystal-hard

For some reason the onahole industry has started to associate transparent onaholes with hard ones, but this material can be made with any firmness. The KYO Crystal mouth is fairly standard in this respect, neither particularly hard and stimulation nor extremely soft.

The transparent material lets you see exactly what’s going on: you can see how you stretch out the tight pussy’s tunnel and when you are about to hit the pink tightness rings. Do you want it to be even more transparant? Use a little mineral oil or baby oil to wash the layer of protective powder off. It looks stunning, but will get a little stickier.


The Crystal Mouth’s packaging absolutely stands out from the crowd: a high-quality cylinder protects this onahole during storage and shipping. With the blacka nd dark blue print, this box might as well contain aftershave or a small bottle of liquor - classy and discreet! The slide-off lid is quite sturdy and you can continue using the packaging to store your Crystal Mouth, though we recommend using it in combination with a toy bag.

Easy to (keep) clean

KYO Crystal Mouth Double Onahole SoftOne major benefit of “through holes” (onaholes that have a tunnel running all the way through) is that they’re a breeze to clean. You can simply run the KYO Crystal Mouth under some lukewarm water and let the water flow through. Squeeze, twist and massage the hole to loosen the lube and fluids inside, and use your fingers to ensure the area between the tightness ring and under the tongue is clean too. Dry it thoroughly and apply a maintenance powder. For more elaborate information about cleaning your onahole check out the text on our sex toy cleaning page.

Thanks to this sex toy’s transparent material you’ll spot it right away if anything unwelcome ends up growing inside it. Better safe than sorry!

It’s crystal clear:

KYO has managed to make one onahole with two holes that feel completely unique. Why buy two onaholes if you can have this one instead, and easily switch mid-session? This incredibly versatile onahole is beautiful, easy to clean and affordable.

KYO Crystal Mouth specs

Brand: KYO
Length: 17 cms
Tunnel length: 17 cms
Weight: 500 grams
Box length: 20 cms
Brand: KYO

Additional Information

Number of holesNo
Number of layersNo
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length0mm
Product weight500gram
  1. A good package Review by Saki

    As a first onahole, I can say that this for sure is more stimulating than our western counterparts. The tightening rings do a good job of increasing pleasure and if you're of average size you won't have to worry about the rings bursting. Personally the blowjob end is more stimulating and if you plug the other end with your finger you can get just a hint of suction going. The best part of it all though, is that it being a through-hole means that it is very easy to clean properly and quickly, as long as you're thorough. (Posted on 4/19/2022)

  2. Intense and varied sensations, but slight durability issues. Review by Anon


    This hole has an interesting series of structures. The teeth lightly and pleasurably scrape along your shaft as you use the mouth side. Doesn’t scrape any skin off, and I’m usually very sensitive to that. Oral penetration is quite intense as the toy squeezes you strongly without forcing you out, with most structures pleasurably oriented against your thrust direction. Penetrating from the vaginal side is much smoother, less intense, but also with strong pressure. Since the structures now face the other way, it really keeps you in.

    The pressure comes down to rings and the material itself, which is on the firm side, very dense and springy, with a smooth/slick surface once lubed. Surprisingly non-sticky while dry. When lubed, the material doesn’t cling at all, but keeps its shape well and thus wraps itself snugly around your shaft. It’s firm, even very firm in places, but not rough. The rings don’t stretch much at all, but are really well-placed – at the throat and at an angle further in.

    Transparency is very limited unless you oil up the toy and wash away all the powder. Kind of like alabaster or frosted glass. You can roughly see where the structures are and how deep you are.

    Positions and Use:

    At around a pound, this toy is easily used with one hand. Though the hole is listed as 17 cm long, it is slightly compressible, so if you’re on the larger side and go all the way your head can quite easily poke out one end. The toy is firm enough that there is suction in the mouth if you plug the other end with a finger.

    The second, slanted ring pushes some gill-like folds against you as you push through into the final third ofthe toy, making for a very intense zone right before the gentle end chamber. This chamber, located near the small vaginal opening, is excellent for edging. This combination makes for fun and varied thrusting.

    I tried the ona with Onatsuyu and Moisty+ lube. For me, the material really shone with Onatsuyu. While Moisty is usually nice for blowjob onas as it is a bit more watery, this toy’s textures are very intense, so a slightly thicker lube was more pleasurable.


    Comes in a nice, sturdy cardboard tube. Suitable for long-term storage, but I’d recommend a toy bag instead for better drying/breathing. No lewd illustrations, just some (explicit) box text. The toy was initially wrapped in a protective cover that smelled strongly of desiccants. High-quality presentation overall.
    No lube included!


    The firm material itself has excellent durability, but I’m afraid I can’t say the same for the resistance rings on the inside. My (above-average) girth managed to burst the constricting rings during my third go with the toy, reducing the toy’s immense pressure but adding additional stimulating elements to its inside. Still feels great, and the usual weakpoint of the corners of the mouth shows no signs of tearing any time soon.

    Cleaning is very easy as with most through holes. The hole obviously can’t be turned inside out at all and I wouldn’t even consider trying – you’ll rip out the teeth and destroy the rings – but you can reach all the way in with your fingers.

    I’ve used the toy about a dozen times in three days now. I usually prefer softer toys, but the intensity of this one is quite compelling. Despite my very sensitive skin, neither the teeth nor the firm textures have left a lasting mark on me, which I attribute to the very smooth material.

    My toy also has some small bubbles of air inside of the cast area, close to the right cheek of the mouth. They are in a non-critical location, but I felt I should mention this. A possible (dis-)advantage of the translucent material – stuff like torn rings and air bubbles become immediately apparent.


    As far as sensations are concerned, this hole punches a good bit above its weight (or price). Despite the durability issues (which do not affect the performance of the toy forme), I’d recommend it overall, particularly if you are of average or smaller size. Excellent as an introduction to oral toys due to varied textures which lend themselves to some experimentation, and very good price-performance ratio. (Posted on 1/20/2020)

  3. good one Review by crystaljoe

    great onahole, both sides feel great can really feel the cock rings inside and the design makes cleaning easy :) (Posted on 12/30/2019)