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Description / Real Body 3D - Maria Nordal

Real Body 3D Maria Nordal

This little witch won't even need to use her magic to seduce you - just look at that sexy body! With a detailed vaginal and anal tunnel, feminine curves, and a multi-layer design, this scale torso will keep you under its spell for a long time. The realism is enhanced by the internal skeleton structure and hefty 7kg weight. Be sure to read more about this mysterious bombshell.

Mini Sex Doll Torso: 7kg of fun!

When you take this deluxe sex toy for men out of the protective packaging you’ll be blown away: SSI Japan did an amazing job sculpting every detail of this new addition to the Real Body series. This isn’t a little onahole that you can use with one hand: you’ll need both hands to hold this mini torso. Sometimes you might even wish you had more than two hands so you could grab and caress every juicy curve of this toy at the same time!

To enjoy Maria Nordal to her fullest, be sure to try out different positions: missionary and cowgirl are great but you can also bounce her up and down in your lap or lay her on top of your desk to fuck her doggy-style.

Double layer onahole tunnel design

Or course a masturbator of this size wouldn’t be complete without two full-sized holes. Maria Nordal has a pussy and an anus, both of which are made with a dual-layer construction. The inside of the tunnels is lined with a pink material which has been engineered to feel as much like a real pussy or ass as possible: it grabs onto you and is a little more flexible than the skin layer. Maria Nordal Real Body 3D

Realistic pussy

The outside design of the pussy is simple yet beautiful: Maria Nordal has slightly puffy outer labia, with no visible inner labia. Delicate inner labia are often one of the first things that get damaged or torn, but that won’t be a problem here!

After lubing her up with some water-based lubricant, slide inside and feel the soft material envelop you. The first inch or so is covered with gently massaging nubs, which lead to a tighter pleasure spot and a slight curve in the tunnel. After that, you’ll rub past several pleasure bumps, each covered in subtle yet effective textures. The final room in this tunnel is a little wider, and covered in large round nubs. This doesn’t just feel good on the sensitive head of your cock, the wider space also allows a slight vacuum to form, so the Maria Nordal can suck you back in after every thrust.

Intense asshole

No, we’re not referring to her character - Maria Nordal’s asshole is pretty tight and intense. The first half is lined with microridges. This texture may not look like much but it is more and more common in onahole designs because it feels so good: the small ridges cling against your skin, delivering stimulation while still being gentle.

Try stroking back and forth in this first area for a little while before you plunge deeper - the change in texture will make your toes curl with pleasure! After the micro-ridges the tunnel suddenly tightens and you push past a series of tight membranes before reaching the end chamber. This final area is wider and it’s lined with some large folds and subtle nubs. Just like the other tunnel, this allows suction to form.

Augmented Breast Structure and Skeleton

Just like the other Real Body 3D sex toys the Maria Nordal isn’t a floppy pile of uniformly soft material: different parts of this mini torso have a different feeling to them.

The internal skeleton starts at the shoulders and curves down to the side of the hips, leaving room for the vaginal and anal tunnel. This gives the Maria Nordal some sturdiness, so you can fuck her cowgirl-style, but also adds to the realism because there’s a real “skeleton” underneath the soft flesh.

But that isn’t the only thing: Maria Nordal’s large round breasts have also been augmented, too! Just under the skin is a soft, jiggly implant which makes it feel like the real thing. As an added bonus, the pink nipples aren’t painted on but are part of the skin material, so they won’t rub off no matter how much you play with them.

Real Body 3D Maria Nordal Specs

Weight: 7 kgs
Length: 43 cms
Width: 24 cms
Chest circumference: 65 cms
Waist circumference: 46 cms

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Customer Reviews

4.8/5 Based on 2 reviews
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Mostly great
Review by Tony
I love the look of this toy. And it feels great too, possibly a little too firm on the outside for me but I do like the softer toys.
The downside is the wieght and therefore the cleaning is also very cumbersome.
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Wow !
Review by Coquinou
Ce Onahole est juste incroyable.
Son poids est parfait, pour pouvoir l'utiliser relativement régulièrement tout en ayant un effet incroyable.

Il n'est pas à échelle 1:1 évidemment, mais l’échelle est un compromis parfait entre la facilité d'usage et de nettoyage et le plaisir qu'on peut avoir avec.
Clairement la position Cowgirl est parfaite là où je pense que le Puni Hana miracle XD est sans doute trop lourd avec ses 10kg (celui ci fait 7kg).

Après tout dépend de votre force, de mon coté j'avais quand même quelques très légères courbatures aux pectoraux et aux bras, montrant que ça m'a fait faire un peu de sport haha.

Il est très bien fait, et en fonction de votre imagination, une sensation de présence peut être ressentie.

Niveau sensation c'est très proche d'une vrai femme, surtout si vous utilisez un kit pour chauffer.
C'est d'une très grande qualité et le prix en fait un must have à mon goût !
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 3
Product weight 7,000.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers
Bone structure With bone structure

International Reviews

Lightweight heavyhitting torso
Review by OldCoot
The spiritual succesor to the Puni Ana SPDX, with great boobs and 2 very stimulating, but not overbearing tunnels. For those seeking a mid-way between the SPDX and Miracle DX.
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