Real Body 3D - Maria Nordal


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Real Body 3D - Maria Nordal 

This little witch won't even need to use her magic to seduce you - just look at this sexy body! With a detailed vaginal and anal tunnel, feminine curves, and a multi-layer design, this scale torso will keep you under its spell for a long time. The realism is enhanced by the internal skeleton structure and hefty 7kg weight. Be sure to read more about this mysterious bombshell.

Two hands full of realism

This torso is not simply a bigger masturbator, it has much more benefits. It comes with a 3D bone system, which gives her strength and firmness. For you, this means that you can experience the feeling of her ribcage when you are firmly gripping onto her. Also her breasts are a real work of art; soft perky for you to grab onto when she is sitting on your lap...What more can you ask for?

Real body Maria Nordal Specifications

Weight: 7kg Length: 43cm Width: 24cm

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