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Description / Masochism Arune - Tragic Love onahole

The beautiful Arune may look cute and innocent, but she hides a dark, shameful secret… She’s a vampire! She tries to contain her bloodlust, but if she ever completely loses herself in passionate sex, it may awaken something in her. Are you willing to take the risk? 

Don’t let the “masochism” in the name scare you off: this onahole isn’t an intense dick bully. In fact, she delivers a type of stimulation that will be able to please almost everyone.

A tunnel that will drain your juices

Masochism Arune onahole texture

The Masochism Arune onahole has a design that provides consistent stimulation, without any big bumps or edges. This way, you won’t get that one spot that’s being overstimulated or even rubbed raw with longer sessions. Instead, Arune simply grabs you around your shaft lovingly but firmly, and brings wave after wave of pleasure.

The instructions on the packaging recommend using this onahole at a speed of about 1 stroke per second, occasionally pausing to twist side-to-side. This can be a great way to bring yourself to the edge a couple of times before reaching a more intense climax with a couple of fast strokes.

HotPowers Zero Material

Like many Japanese sex toy brands, HotPowers uses a firmness scale so people know how firm their toys are - after all, it has a huge effect on how an onahole feels, and it’s difficult to tell from a picture. The Masochism Arune onahole is rated as a 0 (zero) on their scale, which means it’s a medium firmness onahole: not too firm, not too soft, perfectly balanced. This type of material will be able to pleasure everyone except those who prefer very soft or very intense stimulation.

Easy to clean onahole

The simple texture on the inside has no deep crevices, constricting gates or other spots that trap lube and fluids, which makes it very easy to clean. The only tight spot is the entrance, but if you stretch this open with your fingers you can easily rinse out the whole thing under the tap with some lukewarm water.

Masochism Arune in short

+ Steady stimulation
+ Perfect size to use with one hand
+ Easy to clean
+ Perfect balance between soft and firm
+ Tight but stretchy opening keeps lube from leaking out

Like always, Hot Powers delivers an onahole that’s great value for money. The intricate texture on the inside provides a surprising amount of grip and stimulation, and if you like a steady, consistent feeling this may be the perfect onahole for you.

Onahole length: 15cm
Tunnel length: 13.3cm
Weight: 285 g
Brand: HotPowers
Includes free lube sample

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It' a good onahole.
Review by Gergő
It might be a good first onahole, because it's easy to use, clean, and the sensation is great as well.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 285.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 135.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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