HotPowers is a Japanese brand that started out selling other people’s toys, but after years of gathering knowledge and experience also launched their own product line. Combining the customer feedback of existing products with some original ideas, they have designed products which are now sold all over the world.

Onaholes with custom hardness

The internal shape of a pocket pussy isn’t the only thing that determines the way it feels: the characteristics of the material are at least as important! For some of its onaholes HotPowers allows you to select the level of hardness you prefer, allowing you to get an experience tailored to your desires.

  • -2: Soft, mild and gentle. Perfect for long sessions or endurance training. If you’re very sensitive or climax sooner than you’d like, this is a great option.
  • 0: Average firmness, comparable to most regular onaholes. If you haven’t tried an onahole before, or are happy with the regular masturbators you’ve tried, this is the option for you.
  • +2: Firm and intense. The material is still stretchy but delivers a lot more stimulation: you’ll feel every detail of the internal structure! If most onaholes lack stimulation for you, this is the perfect choice. Even if you like average onaholes it’s worth a try: use some extra lube and take it slowly, and you’ll have a very different experience.

Demonic blowjobs: unique oral sex toy concept

We decided to carry HotPowers’ Chio line because of its unique approach to blow job sex toys: rather than copying the structure of a mouth, with teeth, tongue, uvula and everything else, they designed a long tunnel with a textured ridge running down the center. Slide, turn and twist this around you and you’ll feel like a demon is trying to suck out your soul! HotPowers used their knowledge of material to make the tongue and the mouth feel distinctly different from one another, creating a very interesting experience.

Small brand with high quality control

The people at HotPowers are all personally involved with the entire process, and you can tell they care about the final product: everything is tested and optimized several times before production starts. Because of the relatively small-scale production, quality control is also excellent!

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HotPowers Maintenance Powder front

HotPowers Maintenance Powder

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The FInest Lady Potential

The Finest Lady Potential

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Japanese Onahole Yume Ichijiku Big

Yume Ichijiku Big

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Chio Ane Hot Powers Demon Blowjob
Yume ichijiku small onahole

Yume ichijiku small

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Chio Imotto Hot Powers Demon Blowjob

Blow Job Chio Imotto

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