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Description / Yume Ichijiku Big

Yume Ichijiku Big

Many manufacturers claim to make onahole that feel just like the real thing. However, there are as many different vaginas as there are women, and everyone has a different idea of what level of stimulation is realistic. Hot Powers understands this, and offers this beautifully made Japanese onahole in different materials, ranging from soft to firm.

Classy packaging

The Yume is packaged in a large, high-quality box with silver letters printed on it. The illustration on the front shows a beautiful woman enjoying a ripe fig. This soft, plump fruit is said to resemble the inside of a woman’s vagina and is considered to be very sensual. The other sides of the box showcase the internal structure of the Yume as well as how to clean it.
The onahole itself is wrapped in a layer of protective plastic.

Japanese Onahole with Organic texture

Japanese Onahole Yume Ichijiku Big

The internal texture of the Yume is intricate and very realistic. The entrance is fairly wide, which means you can slide in easily and don’t have to fidget with it. When you push inside you will feel that the tunnel is not round but oblong, which allows you to get the stimulation exactly where you want it, whether that’s the top/bottom or the sides. The texture that follows is hard to describe. A complex structure of bumps and organic ridges will wrap around you, stimulating every inch. Stroking up and down feels great, but this texture also lends itself very well to twisting!
The texture of the Yume has not only been inspired by the walls of the vagina, but also by the sensual structure of ripe figs. This succulent fruit not only tastes great but also has a texture not unlike a vagina.

Three-layer structure for perfect stimulation

Many onaholes have two layers, but hot Powers went a step further with the Yume and created a three layer structure. The outermost layer feels pleasant to the touch and gives some firmness, making sure the onahole doesn’t flop over or collapse. The thin layer in the middle is elastic and makes the onahole wrap around you tightly, almost like the muscles of a woman’s vagina. The innermost layer is the layer where you can choose the firmness.

Soft or Firm: customize your experience!

The innermost layer of the Yume can be altered to be exactly the right firmness for you. What option should you choose?

-2 is extra soft and gentle. If you usually cum too quickly, or would like to have a longer masturbation experience, pick this mildly stimulating material

0 is the starting point for most people, and is fairly average. If you’ve never used an onahole before, or if you’re content with the regular onaholes you’ve tried, this might be a good option for you.

+2 is a firmer material. The internal structure is be more rigid and stimulating and you will feel every detail. If you find most onaholes too soft, this is for you! Guys who are circumcised might also enjoy this firmer material more, since their glans is a little less sensitive.

In case you’re wondering: the shape of the tunnel is the same, it’s only the firmness and color of the material that changes.

Small-scale onahole production in Japan

Hot Powers is a small company and they produce onaholes in small quantities. The small-scale production allows them to offer a wider variety of materials and also means they have excellent quality control.

Thick walls and deep tunnels

The Yume is a large onahole with thick, meaty walls. This means the onahole really pushes back against you when you thrust inside, which adds to the lifelike experience. Of course it also means you can’t feel your fingers through the walls, which is always nice.
The Yume’s tunnel is quite deep, so even if you have a longer penis you will likely be able to go balls-deep. The unstretched length is 15 cms, but the Yume’s material is stretchable enough to accommodate greater lengths.

Cleaning the onahole

If you want this Japanese onahole to last a long time, you need to take good care of it. You clean the Yume by rinsing it out under the tap several times, using some toy cleaner if you want to. Make sure it dries well, as moisture can cause mold over time! The relatively wide tunnel of this onahole makes this quite easy. After you’ve squeezed out as much water as possible you can insert an absorbent cloth to absorb the last drops of water. If necessary, use talcum powder to restore the soft outside layer.

To summarize…

The Yume is a well-designed Japanese onahole that feels realistic thanks to its detailed tunnel, 3-layer design and thick walls. Being able to customize the firmness of the material allows you to get the exact experience you want!


Length: 17.5 cm
Width: 85 cm
Tunnel length: 15 cm
Tunnel diameter: between 1.0 and 1.4 cm, before stretching
Wall thickness: 3.5 cm
Weight: 800 grams
Material: triple-layer TPE
Made in Japan by Hot Powers

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Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Based on 6 reviews
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Excellent value
Review by Saikuzu
I chose the +2 softness and this is honestly one of the best onaholes I've bought.

It is quite big (like... as in the title...) but you can still get a good grip with one hand.

The sensation/stimulation is excellent, and depending on how you use it, you might experience one of the most powerful orgasms you can get.

You can also feel how durable it is; as for cleaning, I'd suggest a cleaning sponge stick, as the inside layer can be quite tricky to rinse with only water.

Excellent value for your money.
Review helpful?
Review by Jack
Compared with the smaller version, the size and weight add a lot of structural integrity to the tunnel - this is great! It means you can feel the intended shape a lot better, without your hand applying pressure and warping it.

For the material... I have the small one in -2 and the large in +0, and they do not compare as considerably different. The +0 is still softer than most other toys. If you are used to (and prefer) strongly textured tunnels with a firm pushback when pressed, I would try the +2. (However, I personally find the +0 a lot more stimulating than I was expecting for the material softness, partly due to the way the thickness of the walls helps the tunnel retain its shape).

In fact, it's so good that I have no real feedback for how I would improve it. I think this is at the peak of what it was trying to achieve. I hope to see more variants of it, especially at this size. It really is very well suited to the western market...
Review helpful?
A big onahole for a lot of sensation
Review by Zakaoai
I write this review after a lot of use of this onahole. So there I got a lot of sensation from this toy but be aware that the +2 version is really tight and could easilly break if you have a large girth.
So keep it in mind when you choose your hardness. But even after it break sensations are really good.
Review helpful?
Review by John Doe
It's not exactly very sexy from the outside but the inside is great! Tested - 2 version.

It's like a mature and large pussy, every orientation brings different pleasure, it's when put on the side that you feel this impression of large vagina. Since it's round you can do can quite a couple of things such as wrapping it in a sock to make it tighter or even if you have some hop to sacrifice, carve a hole in it for a truly hands free experience
Review helpful?
good sensations
Review by RTR
the material or materials, as it have three layers, are good. it have a distinct smell it lightens over times, so clean it before use and it should be fine for most of you. as the product page says you can adjust the firmness of the toy by changing the material, only tunnel one, outside and intermediate stays the same for all versions. the outside is rated +1 very stretchy so toy can turn it inside out but not recommended and feels durable. the intermediate is supposed to immitate muscles. finnaly the tunnel material mine was the +2, this one is great even if not firm as expected.
desing wise, it's pass or smach. it's wide so good if you're not fully erect. the internal structure is good and you can feel it precisely with a thin lube, good point for that.
for me it's a must have to his discounted price of 49.95€, if it's more it will be good but not the go to option.
Review helpful?
Very big, enough space, great sensation
Review by WJ
The softer version is really soft, but right for me.
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 800.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 150.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 3 layers

International Reviews

teer materiaal, stuk na 4 dagen
Review by sander
Prima sensatie maar pas op: door het binnenstebuiten te wassen en te drogen scheurde de kop na enkele malen gebruik totaal af tot aan het binnenwerk. Als dit zo snel gebeurt vrees ik dat ook bij het niet binnenstebuiten keren dit niet heel lang mee zal gaan. Jammer.
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Very big, enough space, great sensation
Review by WJ
The softer version is really soft, but right for me.
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