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Description / Yume ichijiku small

Many manufacturers claim to make onaholes that feel just like the real thing. However, there are as many different vaginas as there are women, and everyone has a different idea of what level of stimulation is realistic. Hot Powers understands this, and offers this beautifully made onahole in different materials, ranging from soft to firm.

Classy onahole packaging

The Yume ichijiku is packaged in a high-quality box with silver letters printed on it. The illustration on the font shows a beautiful girl hiding behind a fan, a kimono draped loosely around her and baring her shoulders. The other sides of the box showcase the internal structure of the Yume ichijiku as well as how to clean it.
The onahole itself is wrapped in a layer of protective plastic.

Onahole with organic texture

Onahole organic structure

The internal texture of the Yume ichijiku is intricate and very realistic. At the entrance there are several thick folds which wrap around you tightly. The main part of the tunnel is lined with delicate organic ridges. Some are straighter, others wavy, some are thick and others thin. This mix of shapes feels amazing! Towards the back the tunnel tightens slightly, leading to an end chamber with a couple of twisting edges to gently stimulate the sensitive head of your cock.
The texture of the Yume ichijiku has not only been inspired by the walls of the vagina, but also by the sensual structure of ripe figs. This succulent fruit not only tastes great but also has a texture not unlike a vagina.
The Yume ichijiku has been designed to stretch and will accommodate most men, even those with a longer penis.

Three-layer structure for perfect stimulation

Many onaholes have two layers, but hot Powers went a step further with the Yume ichijiku and created a three layer structure. The outermost layer feels pleasant to the touch and gives some firmness, making sure the onahole doesn’t flop over or collapse. The thin layer in the middle is elastic and makes the onahole wrap around you tightly, almost like the muscles of a woman’s vagina. The innermost layer is the layer where you can choose the firmness.

Soft or Firm: customize your experience!
The innermost layer of the Yume can be altered to be exactly the right firmness for you. What option should you choose?

-2 is extra soft and gentle. If you usually cum too quickly, or would like to have a longer masturbation experience, pick this mildly stimulating material

0 is the starting point for most people, and is fairly average. If you’ve never used an onahole before, or if you’re content with the regular onaholes you’ve tried, this might be a good option for you.

+2 is a firmer material. The internal structure is be more rigid and stimulating and you will feel every detail. If you find most onaholes too soft, this is for you! Guys who are circumcised might also enjoy this firmer material more, since their glans is a little less sensitive.

In case you’re wondering: the shape of the tunnel is the same, it’s only the firmness and color of the material that changes.

Small-scale production

Hot Powers is a small company and they produce onaholes in small quantities. The small-scale production allows them to offer a wider variety of materials and also means they have excellent quality control.


If you want your onahole to last a long time, you need to take good care of it. You clean the Yume by rinsing it out under the tap several times, using some toy cleaner if you want to. Make sure it dries well, as moisture can cause mold over time! After you’ve squeezed out as much water as possible you can insert an absorbent cloth to absorb the last drops of water. If necessary, use talcum powder to restore the soft outside layer.

To summarize…

The Yume ichijiku is a well-designed onahole that feels realistic thanks to its detailed tunneland 3-layer design. Being able to customize the firmness of the material allows you to get the exact experience you want!


Length: 16.5 cm
Width: 10 cm
Weight: 300 grams
Material: triple-layer TPE
Made in Japan by Hot Powers

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Customer Reviews

4.3/5 Based on 6 reviews
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Good for the price
Review by Jim
I have the 0 version and the quality seems fine, no visible damage yet.

It is not very tight and quite rigid. But I find the inner structure to have good level of stimulation, not too much and not too little. I find the toy quite hard, but I am a fan of softer toys though, so the -2 would probably be better for me.

The toy was very stick and oily, at least the outside material, it gets a bit less oily over time though.

I think it is good considering the price, and you get to choose the hardness.
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Worth the money
Review by Meat
I've had this one for a while now and it certainly is something. When it first arrived it smelled horribly of plastic and it still does, but not as much. It has some wear and tear on the inside, mostly in the first sections. It is very stimulating (at +2) to the extent that i have become a two pump chump when using it, would recommend.
Review helpful?
Review by TJ
Box art is really nice!
The material is quite sticky and i have to agree with abyss and daniel on build quality. I however found the stimulation good. It felt really nice as long as it lasted.
I'd say the price is perfectly fair.
Review helpful?
Interesting material
Review by Jack
When I bought this, I was specifically looking for something VERY soft and stretchy, so I bought the -2 version, and I've got to say... it lives up to what it promised. This is easily the softest material I've ever felt in an onahole. As mentioned in other reviews - it's really not an exceptionally stimulating hole, but I can't really work out what the others did to theirs to complain about the build quality, mine has no issues as yet. (Perhaps drying it with a textured cloth?)

This isn't the hole you buy as a starter, or expecting something similar to other holes. This is something you buy when you're looking for a specific material softness. If you want something you can last much longer with - maybe just stroke gently and edge for a while - this is a good choice. It does what it claims to do.
Review helpful?
Not good enough
Review by Abyss
Very nice box art and nice to see other company products in brochure. This onahole is very soft(my version is 0) and a bit sticky material. Quality of this ona isn't so good entrance after single usage already looks bad also it is not for everyone I find this ona not stimulating enough because it is not tight enough probably for bigger circumference person it would feel different.
Review helpful?
Review by Daniel
I was thrilled when i read that it came with an option for a harder version, since i usually need more stimulation to really feel anything. What i got though, was something that was only marginally harder than the usual, i could almost feel no difference. This means the stimulation was subpar at best. The build quality is pretty bad as well, i only used it 2-3 times, and the inside was already getting cuts and tears.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 300.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 130.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 3 layers
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