Monster Wet Kiwami

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After many successful smaller artificial vaginas, Magic Eyes have finally produced a full hip. It does not have a flat bottom; instead, the Kiwami has a nicely curved backside. It is a well-designed and complete hip that weighs 7 kg.

The narrow waist, the belly button, the weight and the legs that are spread wide open make this onahole a real piece of art. 
Because the legs are spread open, you can thrust deep and hard.

The material feels smooth and flesh-like, inviting you to massage her thighs and bottom. You will notice how the material bounces back during intercourse, just like a real woman.

The Monster Wet Kiwami has two tunnels:

Both have narrow entrances. The vaginal tunnel is designed with two S-curves, and covered with vertical ridges and ribs that create a stimulating and realistic experience. The vaginal tunnel measures more than 16 cm in length, thus letting the bigger men among you fully enjoy this 7 kg hip as well.

Monster Wet Kiwami tunnels

The anal tunnel is straight with an undulating texture with ridges, which can be seen in the pictures.
Many bigger sized masturbators are not that easy to clean in comparison to smaller models. This is not a problem with the Kiwami because it has a sperm outlet, enabling you to let water run through it. This makes cleaning so much easier. One disadvantage is that the suction power is less strong, unless you seal the outlet off, for example with a small blunt object.

Monster Wet Kiwami sizes

Dimensions are pictured above, while the sperm outlet can be seen in the picture bottom right.

7kg Monster Wet Kiwami

The more than 7 kg hip pictured from the front and from behind. Check out how complete the design is, with the round backside.

Monster Wet Kiwami vagina big hip

The lifelike material is smooth and flexible, while the interior provides excellent stimulation.

Monster Wet Kiwami magic eyes

Above you can see the size of the hip clearly. You can try various positions that will create different sensations because of the curved tunnels.

Monster Wet Kiwami in use

Because of its weight, the hip is stable when in use. This allows you to try many different positions.

Kiwami big hip

The labia are covered in a pink powder coating, giving it a realistic look. We recommend rinsing off the powder before the first use.
The Monster Wet Kiwami is odourless, and as we've come to expect from Magic Eyes, the material has been tested for safety in a laboratory.

Below we have pictured the well packaged hip, which comes with lubricant.

Kiwami package

Monster Wet Kiwami features:

- Smooth material
- Sperm outlet allows for easy cleaning
- Length 27 cm
- Width 34 cm
- Weight 7 kg - 2 stimulating tunnels
- Including 120 ml lubricant

Additional Information

BrandMagic Eyes
  1. Expensive, but definetly good! Review by Normaldude

    First of all this hip is from very good quality. Adding the quality to its size it makes the product feel really realistic when you get to business. Cleaning is relatively easy because of exit hole behind the product. Only thing that slightly bothers me is that the hip doesn’t have any supporting structure inside and in some situations using the hip can be a bit tricky. Altogether this is the best hip I have yet tried. (Posted on 1/17/2018)

  2. Super fun, realistic and pretty Review by Wise consumer

    I bought at Toydemon cuz I live in California but I want to review this here also.

    This hip feels real to touch with a lively jiggle and it gives an excellent lap dance without requiring a tip. She never says no and is highly fun to copulate with. The price is worth it and more. I recommend that if you have the scratch lying around you purchase this and give yourself a better life. Magic Eyes don’t F around. High quality and value. (Posted on 12/21/2017)

  3. Best Hip out there. Review by HornyMonk

    I tried a few different hips and I must say this is the best so far. It's basicaly indestructable - nothing tears or rips. Very good material. Feels a bit soft - but also very natural and you just can't rip any of the openings, which is mostly a problem with other products - rip and tear. It looks very natural in shape, beautiful labia and clitoris. Both openings look and feel great. Easy to clean. I absolutely recommend it! (Posted on 8/28/2017)

  4. Très bon site Review by Felix77

    Site sérieux et livraison rapide (Posted on 9/22/2015)

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