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Description / Mori Man

This 400g onahole shines thanks to an unusual combination of materials and a long, very well-designed tunnel. Let this puffy pussy into your life and discover the pleasure it brings!

What’s Mori-Man?

Some women are blessed with a large mound of venus and big outer labia. When they are aroused, the region swells even further thanks to the extra blood f(big hill) pussy and it’s considered extremely arousing! The art on the packaging shows a pink-haired girl in maid lingerie standing over you, showing off her mori-man pussy to you, teasingly pulling at the sides of her flimsy underwear.

The Mori-Man onahole by G-Project recreates the look and feel of a mori-man pussy, though the details have been simplified a little. The frontmost part of this sex toy is shaped like puffy outer labia and made of their “melting soft” material which looks and feels incredible.

Mori-man onahole: the tunnel

Mori-man’s pussy starts off with a luxuriously soft sensation as the first part of the onahole engulfs you. This first part is very stretchy and clingy, and you can slam your flesh against it with every thrust.

The gate structures start off in the soft material, and continue in the regular firmness material. Thanks to this you feel the intensity increasing as you push deeper, with the five rings each sliding over your shaft in turn.

What follows are the “Puni Hida Mountains”; a series of undulating textured ridges. The small lines give the material extra resistance, gently grabbing onto your skin as you pass them, while the ridges squeeze and move around you. This section becomes tighter towards the end, again increasing the amount of stimulation.

The final section of the mori-man onahole is a vacuum chamber: not only will this smooth, round chamber embrace your glans, it also creates a mild suction effect. How does this work? Simply squeeze the air out of the tunnel before you enter it, and the material trying to bounce back to its normal shape will create a sucking power that pulls you back in after every stroke.

Mori-Man onahole in short

Onahole length: 17 cm
Onahole width: 7 cm
Tunnel length: 15 cm
Weight: 400 g
Dual material construction
Includes free lube sample and storage bag
Brand: G-Project

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5/5 Based on 2 reviews
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Surprising :)
Review by Przemek
Interesting experience which makes you want more :)
Review helpful?
I had to buy it <_<
Review by Federik
So when I was it, I was like, ok I need to test this, the extreme softness of the entrace is a bliss, there's a good thighness after the big "labia thing" of the entrace, it's quite good more than I expected, I would totally reccomend it if you are into soft onaholes <_<
Easy to clean but do it with care to avoid breaking the puffy entrance, worth the price but if you are not sure wait for a sale.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 400.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 150.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Gut aber evtl. nicht langlebig
Review by Eric
Bei mir hat sich der weichere Teil des Onaholes schon am ersten Tag vom festeren Teil gelöst. Anderen Onlinereviews zufolge scheint das aber eher ein Einzelfall zu sein. Dennoch ist es sinnvoll darauf hinzuweisen, dass dies bei Produkten, welche aus zwei Materialien bestehen, durchaus passieren kann.

Unabhängig davon fand ich das Produkt super. Die Öffnung ist super weich und der restliche Teil besitzt in meinen Augen die perfekte Festigkeit.
Nicht zu stimulierend aber auch nicht langweilig.
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