NTR Bride Hip Onahole


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This cute “stolen bride” themed hip onahole by XTC Japan is fun, bouncy, and feels absolutely amazing. Read on to learn more!

NTR Hentai bride?

You may be wondering what the name of this hip onahole stands for - you may never have seen the term before, or maybe you only saw it while browsing hentai, a little too preoccupied at the time to look up its meaning. NTR stands for Netorare (寝取られ), which is Japanese slang for cheating or cuckolding - so this bride isn’t getting married to you at all! She’s getting married to someone else, but perhaps she wants a final taste of freedom with you…

There’s a whole genre of hentai around this idea, in case you need any “inspiration”! The packaging has several beautiful illustrations which suit the theme and shape of this sex toy.

2.3 kg of hip onahole fun

The NTR bride falls in that sweet spot of hip onaholes big enough to grab with both hands, but not so heavy that it becomes unwieldy.

The overall shape is fairly round, with cute firm asscheeks and a relatively short waist. The sculpt is very nicely done: the pussy has cute pink labia with a bit of skin detail, and the ass and stomach muscles have a very lifelike shape to them.
The single-layer design is durable, and the material used feels great to your hands and your dick alike.

Stretchy in all the right ways

Bigger sex toys have benefits and drawbacks: a benefit is that the larger amount of material really squeezes back around you, creating a gentle tightness that you really can’t get in a small onahole. The drawback is that the tunnel becomes a lot less stretchy lengthwise: at the end of the tunnel, you encounter a lot of resistance from all the material behind it.

XTC Japan got the best of both worlds for this hip onahole: a lot of material to the sides of the tunnel, and not so much at the back. If you need the pussy (13 cm) or anus (11 cm) to stretch a little longer to accommodate you, that will be very easy.

NTR Bride onahole onahip tunnels

Pussy tunnel

The NTR bride’s pussy is ready and eager to have you inside her during her wedding night! After you squeeze past her pussy lips a series of luxurious organic textures awaits you. Pleasure bumps covered in massaging beads and ridges, swirling fins with smaller ridges, and finally an end chamber with a large soft bump to slide over your glans as you are balls-deep inside her. The picture gives some indication of what to expect, but this is one of those tunnels you have to feel to understand!

Also, try turning the bride the other way: all the stimulation zones will hit different spots, creating a whole new experience.

Anal tunnel

While NTR Bride’s pussy is a whirling experience of asymmetrical structures, the anal tunnel has a very different approach: It widens and tightens repeatedly, forming “gates” that grip around your shaft. Feeling these slide smoothly up and down with every thrust is a real treat! The walls are covered with subtle organic textures to add a little stimulation, and the round end chamber is covered in soft massaging pearls.

Because these two tunnels are so different, the NTR Bride offers a lot of variety. You can also try switching between the two to keep the stimulation feeling fresh, edging closer and closer to a spectacular climax!

NTR Bride hip onahole in Short

This cute hip onahole really lives up to the art on the packaging! It’s deliciously squishy and bouncy, the thick walls adding a little extra squeezing power. The pussy and anus have very different tunnels, making sure this stolen bride can please you no matter what you’re feeling like tonight.

Hip circumference: 56 cm
Width: 21 cm
Pussy tunnel: 13 cm
Anal tunnel: 11 cm
Weight: 2.3 kg
Material: single-layer TPE
Brand: XTC Japan

Additional Information

Brand XTC Japan
Number of holes 2
Number of layers 1
Open/Closed Closed
Reusable Is reusable
Bone structure No
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 13mm
Product weight 2300gram
  1. Better than I expected Review by Bastien

    I first bought this because I wanted another big onahole to fap with (I only had the Puni Ana DX) and oh boy it didn't disapoint. This onahole is pretty big and meaty and the texture inside feels amazing. The length is a bit short though, I can see my dick pocking out at the end of the tunnel, but it's flexible enough and won't break even if I insert myself fully. The feeling changes depending on how you stroke with it which is also a very good feature.

    It's also very much sturdy, I bought it almost a year ago and I haven't noticed any kind of damage apart from the normal wear. It's also rather easy to clean and you can easily get rid of fluids in a small sink.

    Overall a strong product that is not too expensive and will last you a long time. I can warmly recommend it. (Posted on 2/2/2023)