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Description / Onahole Disinfectant Platinum Spray

Let’s be clear about one thing: buying a beautiful onahole and then not taking good care of it is a waste. Not cleaning your sex toys well isn’t just gross, it can also damage the material and shorten your toy’s lifespan.

Fortunately, cleaning your onahole well isn’t all that difficult, and it’s even easier if you’ve got some special products to help you with it! SSI developed a special line of cleaning products which go beyond being an ordinary toy cleanser: the special ingredients help sterilize and deodorize your toys long-term!

How to clean your pocket pussy after use onahole cleaning spray

It’s always best to clean it soon after use, because if you wait until the next day you’ve already given bacteria a chance to multiply.

Rinse your sex toy with some lukewarm water and a drop or two of gentle soap inside and out. You can use a kneading or massaging motion to loosen up any lube and fluids inside.
Spray some cleaning spray on the outside and inside of your toy, and repeat the kneading and massaging to spread it around.
Rinse it well
Dry your sex toy thoroughly. We have some onahole drying tools for sale if you want to make that easier
Optionally, use some onahole renewing powder to restore the soft feeling and prolong the toy’s life span
Store it in a dry, dark place and in a breathablesex toy storage bag.

A sterilising and deodorizing sex to cleaning spray

The terms “cleaning” and “disinfecting” often get mixed up, but they have different meanings. Cleaning uses something like soap or water to physically remove germs from a surface, while disinfecting kills them. Having a combination of the two is ideal: cleaning alone never removes everything, and disinfecting isn’t very effective if there’s still goo everywhere.

The liquid is about as thin as water, which allows it to get into all of the onahole’s delicate textures, including the smallest nooks and crannies. These narrow spots are the perfect hiding place for bacteria, but this spray will get to them!

SSI’s Onahole Cleaner Platinum Spray has several special ingredients help keep your sex toys in perfect shape:


High quality fermented alcohol is distilled and refined before being added to the onahole cleaning spray. Ethanol works quickly and effectively to sterilise surfaces and is a common ingredient in toy cleaners.


This is a less common ingredient: incredibly tiny particles of platinum have been added to the spray to clean your toys even better. The platinum is in the “nanocolloidal” state, which is the most effective form.

Citric acid

Spraying acid onto your onahole might not sound like a good thing, but at the right dosage citric acid is actually quite a good and safe cleaner.

sex toy cleaning sprayFast drying cleaning spray

Drying your onahole well is important if you want to avoid bacterial growth. The ethanol in this cleaning spray helps with this: it evaporates within a couple of minutes, leaving your onahole nice and fresh.

Perfect for keeping mini sex dolls, tit sex toys and large sex toys fresh

Larger sex toys can be a little tricky to clean. You have to be careful with the surface, because rubbing it with something rough can damage it. So how do you get rid of bacteria, viruses and mold on the surface? Well, this spray is perfect! It spreads easily over large surfaces and it will kill any bacteria there, keeping your toy clean and free of nasty smells.

Onahole Cleaner Platinum Spray specs

Contents: 100 ml
Weight: 125 grams
Size: 14x4 cms
Misting spray bottle with cap
Ingredients: Purified water, ethanol, citric acid, persimmon tannin, platinum
Manufacturer: SSI Japan

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Very good disinfectant
Review by OnaPro
A must product especially for bigger masturbators/onaholes. Takes away bad odours/bacteria. I recommend using this to a dried product after cleaning with onahole cleaning foam for best performance. Has alcohol in it, but doesn’t harm onahole. Minus one star from minor smell of alcohol.
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