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What if you didn’t have to pick between an oral masturbator and a regular onaholel? What if you could switch back and forth between the two again and again, enjoying both types of stimulation? If that sounds good to you, the NUPU is for you!

Beautiful outside

The NUPU is a fairly sizeable onahole, measuring 19 cms in length and weighing around 450 grams. Small enough to use one-handed, but big enough to have thick walls

The outside of the NUPU is absolutely beautiful. The skin-colored material feels soft to the touch and has a high level of detail. On one side, the entry is a beautiful, feminine mouth with pink lips, with the corners curled up into a slight smile. Usually, the mouth is closed, but if you grab the NUPU it will easily open up and reveal the white teeth and pink tongue behind it. The other side of this onahole is shaped like a realistic pussy, complete with detailed inner labia, puffy outer labia, clitoris and clitoral hood. The inner lips are a lively pink, just like the inside of the NUPU.

ondo nupu mouth

… And beautiful on the inside

ONDO! knows that no matter how beautiful the outside is, it’s the inside that counts. The NUPU has one tunnel connecting the two entrances, and it feels very different depending on which way you enter. The inside textures are detailed without being fragile, and the fairly firm material ensures you will get some great stimulation.

When you slide into her beautiful mouth the first thing you’ll feel is a gentle nibble from her teeth. These teeth are made out of a firm silicone material which will bend slightly and isn’t hard enough to be scratchy. They part easily, as the mouth is quite stretchy. After the teeth, you are enveloped by two different sensations: the tongue on the bottom, and the ribbed roof of the mouth on top. You can let the tip of her tongue tease your dick before sliding further down her throat. At the back of the mouth, the NUPU tightens significantly, a tight opening with the uvula at the top for some extra stimulation.. A flexible ring wraps around the tunnel, adding some extra resistance to the start of the throat, which makes it feel like her throat muscles are clamping down around you. The next area is a real treat, with two ribbed pleasure ridges hitting you from the bottom, and then two others from the top. Push through even further and you’ll feel small bumps gliding over you, followed by four large spiraling nubs which get some extra tightness from another ring. At the very back, a slightly larger, milder area makes room for the sensitive head of your cock. When you are all the way in, the first ring will squeeze the base of your shaft, while the second glides over your glans. How far do you want to push down her throat?

If you choose to fuck her beautiful pussy instead, these stimulations will be reversed. Sliding inside, you’ll feel that this tunnel starts off easy, with small bumps gliding over you from all sides. The NUPU then tightens, four spiralling nubs squeezing around you, with the pressure from the flexible ring adding some intensity. After this you’ll get some rest, with an area covered in small bumps, which gives mild stimulation. But soon after, the ridged pleasure bumps follow, first from the top and then from the bottom. Making these glide over the head of your cock and the sensitive frenulum feels amazing! Right behind this the tunnel tightens, the second flexible ring squeezing you as you push through. You are now entering the mouth area from the back, so you will feel the tongue underneath you and the ridged roof of the mouth on top!

Pick one side depending on your mood, or switch back and forth between the two to edge yourself, building up to an amazing orgasm.


Quadruple material design

In order to give the best experience possible, ONDO! has used a total of four different materials in this onahole:

  • The skin-coloured outside is firm yet flexible. The thick walls push back against you as you enter this onahole, squeezing you gently.
  • The pink material on the inside is merged to this. It looks inviting and realistic. 
  • The white teeth also add some realism. They are much firmer than the material around it, but not hard enough to scrape or be uncomfortable. 
  • The two rings are embedded in the walls of the onahole and they give some extra firmness to it, almost like muscles squeezing around you.


The NUPU is incredibly easy to clean thanks to its open design. Hold it under the tap and let the water run through it until the onahole is clean. Dry it well after use, either by using one of our maintenance sticks or by inserting a clean absorbent cloth and letting this absorb the moisture for a couple of minutes. If you dust some maintenance powder over the outside this will keep the onahole soft and smooth, and keep dust and hair from sticking to it.

In short…

If you want a lot of bang for your buck, the NUPU is your best bet. The beautiful design and stimulating structures that can be enjoyed to ways are sure to have you coming back to this onahole again and again!


Total length: 19 cm
Tunnel length: 19 cm (open hole design)
Total width: 7.8 cm
Total length: 7.4 cm
Total weight: 458 grams
Main material: TPE
Designed and made by ONDO!
Includes free lube sample

Additional Information

Brand Various brands
  1. great toy Review by MM

    everything has been said already, not much to add, it's like sexier version of La Bocca Della Verita plus extra tunnel (Posted on 10/25/2018)

  2. Excellent, inexpensive onahole Review by Morten

    If you are looking for a new toy, look no further. This is an outstanding, inexpensive product that will rock your socks. As you can see in the photos it's basically a 2 in 1, with a mouth and a vagina opening that provide different kinds of sensation and stimulation. The mouth will tease you with the teeth gently scraping your shaft as you move in and out, which gives a pleasurable, scalp-tingling sensation. The vagina side, on the other hand, I would describe as pleasantly snug. Neither side is very intense or overstimulating, so I'd say this is a great onahole for the times when you're in the mood for a long, relaxing session. In my opinion it can successfully compete with such other great onaholes as XZY, Julia+, and Himekano. (Posted on 10/9/2018)

  3. this onahole is awesome Review by Den

    I ordered this along with some other Blowjob Onas when it was on Discount and i must say both vaginal and oral give very good pleasure and feel amazing its also easy to clean and has a good weight and this onahole looks very arousing. Oh i i forgot the teeth dont hurt at all it feels only like a simple love bite and it gives more pleasing feeling like it should be. So what are you guys waiting for you cant go wrong with that one. I will try to get the ONDO MIC someday which is also here in the store. (Posted on 10/7/2018)

  4. Best onahole ever... Review by JJ

    This is my third onahole and it's by far the best I've used and here's why.

    -The exterior details on both sides are non-comparable.
    -Two different usages for one onahole's prize.
    -Feels amazing, has great suction, soft, bendable, quiet, easy to clean and dry.
    -The product itself overall feels innovative and like a breath of fresh air.

    I cannot praise this product enough. It's definitely a recommendation from me, try it out you won't be disappointed! (Posted on 10/2/2018)

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