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Description / Pepee Body Cleaner Spray

Pepee Body Cleaner Spray SILVER ION

Is the cute cleaning lady on the label going to suck you off with her vacuum? No! But she’ll help clean you up after someone else does.

Full-body care

There are plenty of toy cleaners, maintenance powders, drying sticks and toy bags on the market… But the onahole isn’t the only thing that needs aftercare! You can wipe up lube and fluids from your body with a piece of tissue, but it’s hard to clean it properly that way. This spray will help you clean it all up! It helps dissolve the lubricant, making it way easier to wipe off.

Anti-bacterial and anti-odor

Silver doesn't just kill werewolves, it also takes care of bacteria! The special formula contains silver, which acts as a disinfectant, killing bacteria. Removing these bacteria means you will not just smell better but also feel much cleaner.

Gentle formula

Of course the Pepee body cleaner is completely safe for your skin. It is formulated to be gentle and contains no harsh chemicals, so you can even use it even on the sensitive skin of your penis. If you want, you can rinse off with some water afterwards.
The 200 ml bottle will last quite long, as you don’t need much for each use.


Bottle height: 17 cm
Bottle length: 5.7 cm
Bottle width: 4.4 cm
Contents: 200 ml
Weight: 230 gr
Cooperation between PePee and G-Project


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Pepee Body Cleaner Spray
Review by Mike
Un bon produit de nettoyage bien pratique.
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