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Description / Pururun Tennen Oppai Breasts - 5.6 kg Anime J-cup Paizuri Toy

If you still think that Japanese girls can’t have huge beautiful breasts, you are about to change your mind forever. This massive pair of beautiful jiggly tits opens a wealth of possibilities. From simple paizuri to kissing, grabbing, kneading, and basically anything you can imagine to do with such big and round boobs.

In Japanese, Oppai means big breasts. And when you order this 5.6 kg anime j-cup paizuri toy Pururun Tennen Oppai, this is exactly what you get to enjoy. Soft, huge, and realistic…

Beautiful anime packaging

Your premium experience starts with a box of the Pururun Tennen Oppai. The artwork on the packaging was created by an illustrator Mataro, who beautifully showed not only the paizuri toy itself but also its characteristics and the way you can enjoy using it. There is also a beautiful image of an anime girl for you to get into the mood when you take the breasts out of the box.

Luxurious quality

The materials and construction of this paizuri toy are both durable and realistic to the touch. You will definitely enjoy how hard those nipples are. You can pull them or even bite them if you like. The material of the areolae has a slightly different color than the breasts, so they look very natural and sexy. Because the toy has a multilayer structure, the J-cup tits are so soft that they are almost addictive to the touch and squeeze.
The bottom part has a harder material to make the toy stable during use, no matter how wild you get. It also prevents them from flopping down.

How to use your best paizuri toy

Now let’s get to the best part - using Pururun Tennen Oppai. It’s very versatile, so there are multiple ways how you can play with it. Of course, the main and best part is sliding your hard shaft between those big and soft tits. Just make sure to use plenty of lube beforehand. You can also press the breasts together with your hands for a stronger sensation.

Besides being a paizuri toy, you can also use your Pururun Tennen Oppai to complement an onahole or an onahip. Then you can caress those amazing boobs with your hands while sliding inside a tunnel.
After using your paizuri toy, it’s very easy to clean it either by rinsing it with lukewarm water or using a sex toy cleaner (link to the category here). Dry the toy completely and store it in a special toy bag (link to the category here).


  • Multi-layered texture
  • J-cup
  • Momochi materials
  • Dimensions: 330 x 350 x 140 mm
  • Weight: approx. 5.6 kg
  • Artwork/illustrator: Mataro
  • Made in Japan
  • Brand G-Project
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Customer Reviews

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Pretty damn soft!
Review by Gua
badge-check Verified Buyer
They are.. really heavy. That being said though, they also are quite nice to fondle and squeeze, so they make for a good anti stress toy. They also survive a good pull.. Though they aren't really good for Paizuri. But even then they are fine.
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Review by Wanes
Comment dire ils sont parfait.. Pour les amateurs de forte poitrine, C'est-ce qui se rapproche le plus a la réalité au toucher. Très confortable pour y poser la tête. Parfait
Review helpful?
Review by ToddlerCat
Ok so I bought these beefy boobers on the Black Friday sale as I was a little unsure. I've never had a toy like this in the past but have been lucky enough to experience the real life glory of a friends home grown E cup happy meals. - That's another story but suffice to say my expectations are set very high because I want the realism.

These fantastic jiggly puffs (sorry have been playing Pokémon) definitely do not disappoint in that respect. The materials used and the engineering behind it simulate a real set of mommy milkers to about 90+ % - You of course have to use your imagination for the rest of the body and they won't give you a hug or shower themselves after use or ask you to feed the cats.

Anyway I digress - These plentiful pair of fruits - are worth the money even without a discount.


They are BIG.
They feel 'almost' real
The quality of the product is very high - no imperfections on the moulding on my model.
The nipples are amazing to suck on and twiddle in your paws
If you are into ABDL - these are the perfect nursers =- "shouting Mommyyyy!" While you finish off and spray the ceiling can be done without fear of embarrassment and someone looking at you strangely for the next week.
As with any toy there is a faint odour but it is VERY faint.
you can snuggle up with them and rest your head for a lovely nights sleep

- Cons

Because they are as soft and flexible as real boobies - if you use too much lube (just like in RL) - you're not going to feel much if you put your willy in there. - I'm not trying to flex here but RL titty sex needs JUST enough lube to make it work. These are not different. It's a testament to how realistic they are.

Moving them requires co-ordination and balance. At over 5KGs these will wobble you right down the stairs to your death if you are not careful when moving them.. - But you wanted big, so this is not really a con. It's just something to be aware of!

They're addictive. Set an alarm so you can stop sucking the nipples and actually get to your job on time.

- Conclusion and notes:

This is my personal take on this wonderful and highly realistic set of wobbly wonders.
Originally I bought them for an age play fetish (Yes sorry I'm one of those - hey it's in the name!)
I am happy to report that they work PERFECTLY for that. As they do for everything else too. - don't judge me! - we're all here buying titties for our own reasons!

My personal score is 9.8/ 10

♥ - ToddlerCat

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le buste le plus réaliste
Review by erotest
incroyable! l'un des buste les plus réaliste que je n'ai jamais eu entre les mains. On dirait vraiment une véritable paire de seins au toucher!!
Je recommande vivement a tout amateur de buste
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More Information

Product weight 5,600.00 g

International Reviews

Great for fondling, too soft for Paizuri
Review by Ssing
Probably the best breast toy for fondling / clothed play.

- Close to real-life large breasts, much better than most breast toys as they are usually too small
- Soft toy with a firm base
- Realistic clothed fondling
- Breasts are not firm enough for Paizuri
- Its soft, if you prefer firm breasts, look elsewhere
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