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Description / Real Body 3D - Chubby Mochida Mayu

chubby real doby 3d sex doll torso

Real Body 3D - Chubby Mochida Mayu

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and SSI has a Real Body 3D for everyone!

Mochida Mayu has a delightfully chubby body, with a round belly, realistic breasts and even little love handles. The body has been designed with great attention to detail: the soft curves look just like those of a chubby girl, down to things like the belly button. Her waist circumference is 63cm, and that of her chest is 73 cm. The total weight is over 10 kgs - feeling that on top of you absolutely adds to the experience!

In the design process, SSI first made a 3D render. That was then 3D printed to be able to see and feel the shapes in real life. After several rounds of improvements the final 3D print was turned into a mould and the first Chubby Mochida Mayu was made!

Soft and squishy material

This Real Body 3D feels at least as soft as she looks thanks to SSI’s DNA Silk Skin II material. This material has been developed by SSI, and no other manufacturer has the same. It strikes a great balance between feeling squishy but not spongy, and being soft but also resilient. It has very little smell, though like with any onahole you might prefer to rinse it and let it air out a bit when you first take it from the box.

In addition to the great feeling, the Silk Skin material has also been tested and found completely safe. It has a food grade certification, which means you could lick it if you wanted to. It is made in Japan, ensuring great quality!

If a large sex toy for men is only made of soft material, however, you end up with a floppy mess: it will fold over and flop around in ways which look anything but attractive or realistic. To prevent this, SSI added a strong skeleton on the inside, providing some stability as well as a realistic feeling: when you dig your fingers into the soft flesh you’ll feel the “rib cage” underneath

Two holes for you

The girl on the packaging looks slightly hesitant, looking up at you and blushing while she lifts her shirt, revealing the panties underneath. Maybe she needs some reassurance that you think her body is fuckable? Well, if she insists…

The Real Body 3D Chubby Mochida Mayu has two holes for you to fuck: an intensely textured pussy and a nice tight asshole. You can pick whichever one you feel like today, or switch between the two multiple times per session to keep the feeling fresh.

Pussychubby sex doll

Mochida Mayu’s pussy starts with a fairly tight entrance, clamping down around you with a gently bumped structure. After this, several different textures follow one another: a room with horizontal ridges that glide past with every stroke and a tight bumped gate are followed by a swirling area where soft flexible ridges and fins massage you. This leads into a final area where a round bump gently robust your glans.


Looking for something else? Grab her soft hips and push your way into her tight asshole. After the “sphincter” entrance the tunnel opens up a little into a wider area with a subtle bump texture before narrowing down around you again. After a couple of centimeters you emerge into another space with round bumps. Stimulation in this tunnel comes mostly from the change between tight and tighter, and less from well-defined textures, which creates a very different kind of stimulation than the pussy does.

Dual layer structure

Making the experience even better is the dual layer structure. The pink layer you see in the product pictures has a slightly different formula, making it perfect for the inside of a pussy or asshole.

Real Body 3D - Chubby Mochida Mayu in short

If you love a gorgeously chubby body, with a cute belly and realistic boobs, Mochida May might be perfect for you. The soft material feels amazing to the touch and her two stimulating tunnels will bring you pleasure again and again.

Overall height: 43 cms
Overall width: 36 cms
Chest circumference: 73 cms
Waist circumference: 63 cms
Weight: 10.85 kgs
Material: DNA silk skin II
Made in Japan

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More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 11,000.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers
Bone structure With bone structure
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