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Description / Rising - Mad Magma Press

Rising - Mad Magma Press - The fiery Japanese Onahole

Toy’sHeart has really gone out of their way to make a unique experience with the Rising - Mad Magma Press. Behold! An onahole that simulates the experience of getting freaky with nature’s forces. Be enveloped in the hot magma and experience something incredible.

"Will you do it, or will you run away?!
Fear the threat of the hot throbbing magma!!
Can your erection withstand the raging natural threats?!"

Get your hands on this hot sex toy for men!

This pocket pussy simple yet elegant light skin coloured design. The entrance to the tunnel has a twirling pattern that seems to slowly draw you in. It should also give you some good ideas on how to use this onahole, as twisting the onahole with each thrust will give you an amazing experience. Following the patterns of the entrance, the surface of the rest of the onahole slowly turns into a plain surface which lies comfortably in the hands.

A magma-like onahole magma press onahole

Can you hear the bubbling and fizzing of the hot magma inside?

From beginning to the end of the tunnel, you will encounter thick massaging bumps with numerous ridges on them. These lumps have a bit of firmness to them, which will do two things. It will increase the level of stimulation you get from each bump and it will maintain its shape better. Along with the fact that the entire inner wall of the tunnel is covered with these pleasure bumps on all sides, this leads to you having extreme stimulation that changes every time you use it.

Getting the most out of this pocket pussy

The ridged pleasure bumps cover the entire inside of the tunnel, meaning that there is no defined top-side on this onahole. This means that while the onahole is on your dick, you could twist it around and feel all the textures from different angles. One of the many ways you can take advantage of this is to twist the onahole around which each stroke. But maybe you can find an even better way to use it! Experiment and find the best way to use this magma based onahole.

Do you want to make your experience even more amazing? If you really want to experience the namesake of Rising, then be sure to use one of our sex toy warmers. These devices are able to heat up an onahole higher temperatures, which will normally make you feel like you are having sex with an actual pussy. Of course, the onahole warmers will not reach the temperature levels of actual magma, but at least you’ll get to fuck a hotter onahole. Be sure to read the manual on how to use Onahole Warmers as well at the bottom of the page.

As is the case with most onaholes, be sure to use the proper lubrication before using the Rising Mad Magma Press. If you want to replicate the thick liquid that is magma, be sure to use one of low-viscosity/thick personal lubricant. Also, be sure to properly clean this onahole after each usage. If you need help to clean the hard to reach places in this onahole or any other onahole, be sure to check out our collection of sex toy cleaning tools especially made for male sex toys.

Rising Mad Magma Press in short

The Rising Mad Magma Press is an onahole made by Toy’sHeart with its main theme being the replication of a magma-like texture. On Toy’sHeart Characteristics Graph this onahole is considered a somewhat tight and firm onahole. The firmness can be found in the numerous massaging pleasure bumps in the tunnel which are covered with small ridges. The tightness is of course found in the design of the tunnel, but is further assisted by the rigidness.

Weight: 265gr
Length: 15cm
Width: 5,5cm
Tunnel length: 13,5cm
Material: TPE
Made by: ToysHeart

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Good and so far durable.
Review by Gergő
The hard material and the big bumps make for an interesting sensation. So far I like it.
Review helpful?
really good onahole
Review by Jaroslav
Its really good onahole, more intense then average, easy to clean even when it cannot be turned inside out. overally i like this onahole.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 265.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 135.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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