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Description / Sex Slave Sea Monster

Introducing our very own sea nymph, the Sex Slave Sea Monster. Don’t let the name scare you— she’s as sweet as they come, but with a thirst and curiosity that’s just as deep as the ocean she hails from. Brought to you by the creative geniuses over at XTC Japan, this isn't your average catch. 

It's part of their Premium series, which means it's made from the kind of silicone that laughs in the face of wear and tear. We're talking about a sturdy, 550-gram companion that's ready to journey with you to the depths of your imagination and back!

This is your fantasy onahole. Are you ready to set sail?

Dive Into the Depths Of Your Desire

Experience heightened sensations and intense orgasms like never before. The Sex Slave Sea Monster is designed with nine flexible and lifelike tails that stimulate different areas of your cock for the most pleasurable, otherworldly ride. But that’s not all. The 14cm tunnel is equipped with 6 erogenous zones, ready to deliver intense sensations designed to take your breath away.

orange tunnel of a sex toy

Tantalising Tentacle Touch

Imagine the gentle caress of tentacles, each one expertly crafted to tease and tantalise your senses. It’s an invitation to indulge in waves of pleasure that promise more delights to come.

Anemone Entrance of Enchantment

Like the gentle touch of anemones, it tickles your shaft in a flirty and sexy way with every thrust. With a soft, enveloping sensation, it draws you deeper into ecstasy.

Octopus O-ring

Imagine the octopus’s firm and tight embrace as you push and thrust until you reach the edge. The little nubs rub and tease your shaft in all the right ways. And at this point, you never want to stop.

orange hole of a sex toy

Stimulating Seashell Suite

Every contour and curve of the seashell-like nubs provides a melody of sensations that will have you tingling from head to toe. The ridges and grooves play along with your senses, and you would have to work hard not to cum then and there.

Sultry Sea Swirls

Get ready for the spiral edges to plunge you into a swirl of erotic ecstasy. Here, the path invites you to lose yourself in the moment, enveloping your shaft in a whirlpool of delight.

Lustful Lock Chamber

Like the name itself, this chamber locks you in as you let go and release into an earth-shattering climax. The little nubs will stroke you good until you’re spent, and trust me, it will not let you go that easily.

Your Sea Nymph Awaits

The Sex Slave Sea Monster is another masterpiece from the imaginative world of XTC Japan's Premium Products.

Crafted with love (and a bit of magic) from premium, medical-grade silicone, this little marvel is safe, feels unbelievably real, and is tough enough to handle whatever you throw its way. We're talking about a trusty pocket pussy that's built to last, making every moment as lifelike as possible.

What's really cool about our sea nymph is how she combines the best of both worlds. Though she's a tad less squishy than her TPE cousins, what she lacks in flexibility, she more than makes up for in durability.

Translation? More bang for your buck and endless adventures ahead.

But here’s the kicker: she’s perfectly sized at 16 cm, making her the ideal onahole for those moments when you just need a quick release. Whether you’re travelling, looking for easy storage, or just a discreet companion, she’s your gal. Plus, cleaning her up is a breeze, which is great because let's face it, nobody likes a high-maintenance partner.

Sex Slave Sea Monster is more than ready to show you the ropes (or tentacles, in this case), and take you on a pleasure cruise that’s both exciting and deeply fulfilling.

hentai drawing sex toy

All aboard for a voyage where the destination is pure bliss!


  • Length: 160 mm
  • Tunnel Length: 140 mm
  • Width: 85 mm
  • Height: 90 mm
  • Weight: 550 g
  • Material: Silicon
  • Brand: XTC Japan
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More Information

Product weight 550.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 140.00 mm
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Sturdy, Detailed and Strong
Review by Funky Fumo
The... "Sex Slave Sea Monster" (yes the names really are unique) is my First Silicone Onahole and my 4th Onahole. I usually always gotten TPE as its way cheaper
but knew about the Material (Silicone) and its Properties so i wished to test how it feels for if i continue to Buy TPE or change to Silicone.

The Main Aspect here lies within the Material, as besides this, the "Dragon Impregnation" also from XTC Japan are the Only Silicone Toys Motsutoys are Selling
(sadly I couldnt buy the Dragon one as it quickly Sold out)

Silicone is a different Material and therefore feels different in many Aspects:
- The Onahole is more Sturdy and Harder - making it feel "Artificially" tighter
- Since its harder, all Detail inside is way more Noticeable
- Silicone is very Sturdy giving it a better Lifetime and less Dents, Stretches, Scratches or the such (which i prefer)
- Silicone is not nearly as Oily as TPE Toys (which I like way more) (It still emits Oil when Touched but way less)
- Because of the Pro's this also means Silicone Toys are more Expensive (70 Euro for this one)

The Outside looks very Nicely done, has good Detail and is overall a Nice Shape
The Mouth has little "Teeth" which can be felt due to the Hardness of the Silicone
Since its way Harder you should use More Lube, otherwise it could even hurt a tiny bit, but thats for you to Try out

The Onahole itself is more "Open" than other ones, which most likely is because of the Tightness and Hardness of the Silicone, making it
Impossible to use if it were Tighter. This way Cleaning is way easier, and Silicone is also a Easy Material to Clean after all.

The Main Appeal (for me) is the Physical Look of it - its nicely Shaped, Detailed and gives the "Feeling of having this Sex Slave Monster on you" which is a Nice Imagination

As noted in another Review, the Bag that contains the Onahole is a bit Tight - putting it back inside after use is basically impossible - though the good part
about Silicone is that unlike TPE it doesnt leak "oil" which means you can just put it anway in a Cloth Bag or just keep it as a Decoration Piece or similar (I personally just put it back into the Box for now without
the bag)

Another thing I saw on the other Review which is indeed correct: The True Lenght is around 120mm as the Entry Mouth is also Counted as the Entire Lenght of the Onahole
Though Personally I dont have a Issue with Onaholes which dont go too deep (this way I can "explore" all Parts of it - better than If it were too Long for my "tools")

Overall the Feeling of this Onahole is Amazing and the Hardness and Texture is very Nice.
If you never had a Silicone Onahole I would suggest you get one after you tried some TPE's out just to make sure (since its a Invenstment)
Though because of its Sturdyness and Longevity its a very Nice Purchase and for 70 Euro I would say its worth the Price. Good Recommendation for Beginners wanting to Try Silicone out.

tl;dr If youre into very Hard Onaholes with Strong Detail and like to use alot of Lube (use alot of Lube) which are more Sturdy and have a Longer Lifetime, then this one is for you
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Excellent quality, but...
Review by Kai
Prelude: I generally like softer onaholes, as I enjoy lengthy sessions and the overstimulation harder ones provide make me feel less aroused, I was aware this one would be rather hard, I mean it's silicone and I think it's impossible to make them as soft as silky as the TPE ones, so I am not judging the product based on the fact it's hard. Yet, I still want to point out to other potential buyers that this is a big deal when purchasing an onahole. Anyway let's get to the review:

This is my first silicone based Onahole, I never had one so I was curious how they feel compared to the usual TPE ones. And when opening the package you get a bag with the onahole (which is way too small) and no lube. That's a bummer but not a big deal, I think XTC never gives away some free lube? I bought 3 XTC products so far and they never had a package or bottle of lube with them. It's fine but still worth pointing out. Then, there is the bag, I barely managed to get the onahole out of the bag, and after use I would not be able to put it back in without ripping apart the bag. Luckily I still had a G-Project Bag laying around which fit it perfectly. (G-Project is really generous with extras!) The onahole is not sticky at all and does not smell bad. It has a thin layer of something on it's surface which I washed off with warm water before first use, probably some remnants of a powder to keep it smooth.

Let's talk about preparation first, you need extreme amounts of lube and your dick needs to be absolute rock-hard, it's surface is not slippery at all, not silky and thus it needs a lot of lubrication and even then it's not easy. Even the hardest regular onaholes are easier to slip in and out. And when you slip in, you need quite some strength to push all the way in. Which leads me to the next thing:

The tunnel length. The tunnel is said to be 140mm in length, but in reality it's closer to 120mm because the initial tentacle like opening is also included. It provides very little sensation during the act because it's just flopping around doing nothing. In fact, I found the tentacles pretty useless, they look amazing though, no doubt, but provide no stimulation. So you really will buy a 120mm tunnel rather than 140mm.

Feeling: When you manage to get in it feels decent, not super intense but also not boring, I found the most pleasure at the end of the tunnel and then just move it up and down very slightly. However, you can create an INTENSE suction effect by pushing out the air before you penetrate the hole, that felt rather nice and I ended up doing it exclusively and I would rate the stimulation 6/10 with this suction effect.

Cleaning: It's as easy as it gets, the tunnel is pretty short and nothing is sticky, and durable as it gets, silicone really shows it's strength in this regard.

Conclusion: It's not my best feeling onahole I have, not by a long-shot, but now I possess my first silicone based onahole and I love it just because it looks so nice and unique. I will probably only use it once or twice a year when I abstained for a week or so, because I imagine it would elevate the feeling quite a bit, it really is beautiful and worth the money just for that.

If you love hard onaholes, suction effect and want durability above all else then buy this one. It's also silicon which is as healthy for your skin as it gets, no irritations at all, no weird burning feeling or anything.
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Gutes Gefühl
Review by Vega21
Erinnert mich stark an die Serie Naruto, mit dem 9 schwänzigen Fuchs.
Nur das es sich hier um einen Octopus oder etwas ähnliches handelt. Bei der Verwendung von Gleitgel sollte es jeder selbst ausprobieren, ob und wieviel er benutzt.
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un plaisir
Review by Ghost83
Texture parfaite et satisfaction avec l'effet de sussions un produit parfait.

Meilleurs vaginette pour le moment que j'ai plus tester
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