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Description / Tenga Air Tech Twist

The Tenga Air Tech Twist

Tenga, the company that brought onacups on the map, comes out with a new twist in their design. A Twist? Yes literally, the Tenga Air Tech Twist is the name of this cup, or rather cups, namely because they come in 2 variants.

What isthe Tenga Air Tech Twist?

Not everyone loves the same tightness, or sometimes you love it tighter as you are nearing orgasm.
This is now possible with the reusable Tenga Twist cups!
Tenga names it ‘Customize your Stimulation’.

Tenga Twist Ripple and Tickle

You can simply twist the top of the cup to make it tighter or looser again. If you twist the top you will hear a click, this will be heard five times if you twist it all the way through. So there are 5 positions, the positions remain well so the cup won’t become looser while you are using it.

On the left image above you see how the twisting works and on the right you see the sleeve being pulled out of the cup to be cleaned.
The twisting is very easy and we find this a very innovative idea of Tenga.

How does the Tenga Twist work?

We also were very curious as to how this worked. If you look at the inside you will see there is some kind of tube in the cup. This becomes wider or narrower as you twist the top.
Tenga Twist Cup

The air hole at the top ensures that the air can leave the sleeve and that when you keep the hole closed a vacuum is created. So the cup is also suitable for the Vacuum Controller.
The pictures are made with our phones, we try to give you a foretaste of the Tenga Twist here.

Tenga Air Tech Twist Red or Blue?

The Tenga Air Tech Twist comes in two variants, the first one being the red version that bears ‘Tenga Air Tech Twist Tickle’ as its name.
The Tickle has robust duds on the inside and weighs 375 grams (and has a red wrap around).

The ‘Tenga Air Tech Twist Ripple’ has a pattern of waves on the inside and feels slightly milder to the touch. This cup with the blue color weighs 364 grams and is a little bit lighter than the red version.

Tenga Air Tech Twist
Both Tenga Twists are like mentioned here reusable, the sleeves are easily taken out, after which you can flush them out.

Dimensions Tenga Air Tech Twist:

78 x 78 x 171mm, so the diameter is 78mm and the cups are a whopping 17cm long!

You can adjust the tunnel to be tighter or looser, they are reusable and lubricant is delivered alongside it, what more could you want, for less than 40 euros!

They are expected to arrive at 17 November 2016 and of course you will find the Tenga Air Tech Twist here in our web shop.

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 364.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Neutral
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
Bone structure With bone structure

International Reviews

Review by Mars
Idee van het product is goed, schoon maken gaat ook goed.
Alleen jammer dat de draai functie slecht werkt, heel soms doet ie het en dat is echt fijn. Maar meestal werkt het niet en dan is het een gewone sleeve.
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Te duur!!
Review by Jean
In tegenstelling van Gcat vind ik het wel makkelijk schoon te maken.
Alleen ik vind hem veelste duur want de draai functie werkt niet naar behoren en ik krijg hem er bijna niet in. Terwijl het groot genoeg is als je de cup eruit haalt. De koker die gebruik ik niet voor de daad alleen als opbergkoker.
Verder voelt het spannend en prikkelend.
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Slechte Tenga
Review by GCat
De Tenga Air Tech Twist is een van de slechte van de serie.

Hij is moeilijk schoon te maken en voelt niet bepaalt lekker.

Ik raad dit product dus daarom ook af.
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