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Description / Virgin Age Admission

Virgin Age - Admission

Virgin Age Admission is another high-end masturbator made by Toysheart. The company has a reputation to uphold for its durable and odourless materials.

For the Virgin Age Admission they have used Fine Cross material. And according to a test report drawn up by the Japanese Ministry of Health, there is no harm in licking this type of material - so go wild, all you kinky sex fiends! The material feels soft and smooth, and is virtually oil-free.

The Virgin Age Admission is not dual-layered, it is made out of one single material. The walls are thick, which makes this fake pussy very easy to handle. She has large labia that reveal her entrance, as with many Toysheart products. 
While the 16 mm opening is easy enough to penetrate, this definitely is a virginal artificial vagina.

Virgin Age Admission's Interior

Of course this is a pussy that is tight like a virgin - but let's analyse the tunnel step by step.
After entering, you are led to a roomy chamber that is immediately followed by a narrower part of only 10 mm wide. 
This part has stimulating ribs that will make you want to thrust deeper... but don't forget, the girl is a virgin! For the next part is 7 mm wide, and tapers off to a width of 2 mm. In this final section, the tip of your rod is massaged from all directions.

Virgin Age - Admission

You will notice that after your first deep thrust, the next one is a little easier. That is because the material has a slightly delayed memory, making the Virgin Age Admission temporarily a bit wider.   But when you start the next time, you will feel that she is as tight as she ever was!

This onahole gets tighter as you go deeper. It is not made for guys who like long, smooth strokes.
 It is a great artificial pussy for those who appreciate a lot of great stimulation.

Virgin Age Admission Toysheart

The sponge-like structure makes the Virgin Age Admission flexible, without the need for excessive oil in the material. The picture clearly shows the thickness of the walls. This keeps the onahole tight, and prevents it from stretching too much.

Cleaning is easy because of the strong material; this masturbator can be folded inside out, rinsed, dried, and folded back.

Virgin Age Admission - Product Features

Total length: 13 cm
Tunnel length: 11 cm
Width: 6.5 cm
Material: FineCross Material TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)
Closed design - ensuring a great vacuum
Easy to clean
Supplied with lubricant
Designed and manufactured in Japan

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Customer Reviews

It's a wholesome experience
Review by Mastermind
The sensation is AWESOME. Easy to clean. Although I have to mention I'm not using it the regular way. I have a life-sized teddy bear, I cut out it's "private area" and also have a smaller teddy bear, also cut out it's privates and removed some of the stuffing and put my Virgin Age Admission in there. Put the smaller teddy in to the bigger one and then you have another level experience. It feels like you are with a girl. You can consider it weird, but trust me, you won't regret it if you try it.
Review by P.
It's really tight and it lasted longer than other similar sized holes. And it only started showing some damage after I stretched it out for several long sessions in a row. If better handled, it would last even longer.
Good enough
Review by Alex
Small and handy, its unique on its own.
Review by Rado
Incredibly soft material and great tightness
Review by Pepe
Stimulation and tightness feels amazing and easy to clean because the small size and simple tunnel. However could be a little too small and too simple for some, I think I might prefer the Graduation edition but unfortunately that seems to be unavailable now.
Good but not great
Review by SP316
an extremely tight sensation but i feel most of the pleasure is in the initial experience. Not made for long sessions but passable if needed.
Too little stimulations for my taste
Review by Momo
I think overall it is a good product, the build quality in particular but I feel almost nothing using it.
It is tight and I like them pussies tight but it doesn't offer anything else than tightness.
It might just be that I have the chinchin type that's the least compatible for it so I'm just unlucky I guess :(
Too much stimulation
Review by CCS
From the pictures, it is clear that this onahole is made to be one of the tighest on the market and it achieves that perfectly. However, in reality, the size isn't as restrictive as it appears to be due to the amazingly spongy material that gives way and rubs all the spots. However, the end of the tunnel remains intense to the glans to the point of being slightly uncomfortable. Overall though, I highly recommend this.
Tight and entry level
Review by Soth
Pretty good to start off with. It's made for smaller sized dicks, so do consider this
Very good
Review by Ss
Tight but very intense would recommend!
Good and long lasting
Review by BT27
This Onahole is very tight and gives a good stimulation. And it is nearly undestroable. This was my first onahole and altough I used it the very often it Looks like I never used it. It's not as tight as it was before but still feels very good.
Tight and good for those who have experience
Review by JohnathanDoe
This product is tight and when entering it pushes you out and thus the vacuum is nice.
I use a watered down Peepe lube for this and I liked it, think it is better to use thinner than thicker.
Easy to clean, just turn it inside-out, put some soap and dry with a towel.
Really tight and amazing feel
Review by S
This was my first onahole and was amazing. It was really tight and felt incredible with the ribbing especially with the air suction, although the length is short its what makes it good as the tunnel gets smaller and smaller adding to the sensation. It is durable with it being a single layered hole but the material use is firmer compared to other single layer holes. Highly recommended.
Hard to get in.
Review by SR
This product is quite firm and choky. Entrance is really tight and hard to get in, especially if you are using lube. Stimulation is good.

I do recommend this!
One of if not my favourite onahole
Review by S
At first its tight but feels really good with the ridges and design of it and its even better after a few uses to once its accustomed to yourself. The weight is nice from the material as its single layered and adds more feel to it along with the loli design which makes the experience be better along with the suction which makes it feel nice. The downside is the length as its short but there's the graduation version (which is longer), its a bit more pricey than other onaholes but the quality and experience is worth it as I find myself using it every time along with others to get different sensations.
Review by Abyss
This ona fits loli image for sure it is very tight and stimulating tip of your member. Also since this ona is small and tight it gives kind of unique feeling your member gets pushed out every time. Last thing to mention no smell like other onas usually have and cleaning this ona is very easy not tried turn it inside out(never doing that for onas) but I find it very easy to clean anyway.
Remember to lube your tube
Review by JT
Extremely tight even for average sizes men.
Sensation wise is 5/5, but it's mostly in the opening. The end of the onahole tunnel is too tight for any sensation.
In terms of value it's also 5/5, but it tends to wear out after a few uses due to the tightness. I've had it for a few months and it's starting to tear, but it's still usable and maintains sensation.

A small tip regarding lube. Use a water based lube that doesn't smear or leak easily. I personally use Nexus Slide for this, as it's more dense and doesn't leak out the opening.

All in all. Great onahole for anyone 5/5
Very narrow
Review by James
It's very tight from the start and gets very narrow near the end. Can't really make good use of it because you can't touch the end and you can't put your member all the way in. It fits with the loli idea, but it doesn't work well of stimulation for your entire member. However, it is VERY intense on the glans, to the point you may hurt yourself if you're in for the long run. Good for blowing a quick load though.

+ Tight
+ VERY intense on the glans
+ Represents loli pussy
+ Good for short rounds
- Bit expensive for how small it is
- Hard to use well for stimulation for your entire member
- You may hurt yourself if you use it for too long
AMAZING! Tight stimulation, unbelivable immersion.
Review by HBaka66
Perfect if you like the feeling of your best piece getting hugged really intensively. No, really this thing is as tight as you think it is when you look at the half-cut picture. Really nice stimulation and amazing Material. Seriously if you like tight toys this is one of the best options. What you think about in your mind while using it, is up to you tho. *wink* Highly recommended!
IMPORTANT: Yes you can safely turn it inside-out. I have not cleaned it otherwise so far. I expect all of my Onaholes to be able to do that simply because if they can't, it would take too much time and make the procedure more complicated than it would be worth it for me.

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 240.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 110.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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