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Description / Goku Hida Virgin 1100

Goku-Hida Virgin 1100

This addition to G-Project’s Virgin line is a high stimulation onahole with a tunnel completely covered in well-defined fleshy ridges. The beautifully shaped mini torso gives you something to look at while you thrust into her stimulating tunnel.

Curvy mini sex doll torso

Weighing 1100 grams and measuring 21 centimeters from butt to neck, this torso has obviously been scaled down a lot - however, it still has an absolutely beautiful design that is stimulating to look at and to touch. The Goku-Hida Virgin 1100 has an hourglass shape with a slim waist, a cute round butt and large, soft breasts complete with nipples. Like many of G-Project’s Virgin onaholes it also has a little cameltoe pussy: a cute little slit where the inner labia aren’t visible at all. Feel the curve of the waist or play with the perky round breasts - and see her stomach swell as you push inside of her!

Goku Hida Virgin 1100Stimulating ribbed tunnel: four-sided assault

This onahole’s tunnel has a very strong texture and the tight pussy delivers a lot of stimulation. There are four long ridges that run almost the entire length of the Goku-Hida’s tunnel, each covered in well-defined fleshy lines. As you slide inside you’ll feel all these lines gliding past you. Because they are placed on four separate ridges you can also experiment with twisting, turning or kneading the toy around you to get different kinds of stimulation.

The tunnel has a true 3-D design, with the tunnel curving to different sides and different ridges coming forwards or receding a little. This creates points which are more intense, and points which are a little gentler.

The final part of this onahole is a rounded room with smooth walls that close around your glans, creating gentle stimulation against the sensitive ti p of your dick.

A durable, high-quality pocket pussy from Japan

The material this G-Project onahole is made from perfectly complements its design: it is soft and stretchy enough that the ridges feel great and conform to your shape and size. With a harder material the ridges would become harsh and overstimulating, scraping your skin, but with this material it feels great. The Grow-Up material is even said to adapt to you over time, creating a personalized onahole!

The onahole is made in Japan with Japanese materials. Japan is known for its high standards when it comes to material safety as well as production and quality control, and as a result G-Project onaholes are known to be safe and last a long time. 

Thick walls for a lifelike feeling goku hida virgin 1100

As you can see in the cut-through the walls of the Goku-Hida Virgin 1100 are several inches thick. This isn’t a waste of material, or padding to make it look good. In fact, it contributes a lot to the overall feeling of the onahole. With thick, fleshy walls like these a pocket pussy will push back against you as you push inside, creating a lifelike feeling. It also keeps you from feeling your own fingers through the sides of the onahole, which would ruin the immersion.

Using the Goku Hida Virgin 1100

  1. Apply some good personal lubricant to the entrance and inside of the onahole. With an onahole like the Goku-Hida Virgin 1100 the lube you pick can make a significant difference: a thick-gel-like lube will smooth over the space between the ridges, making the feeling less intense and better suited to long sessions. If you like things to be really intense you should go for a runnier onahole that lets you feel every detail of the texture. The onahole contains a free sample, but for most people this doesn’t last long.
  2. If you want the most lifelike experience go ahead and warm the tunnel up with a sex toy warmer for a couple of minutes. This will heat the toy to around body temperature.
  3. When it comes to using the onahole itself the only advice we can give you is to experiment and to see what works for you. As they say: different strokes for different folks!
  4. After use, clean and dry the onahole thoroughly. Rinse it out under the tap to get rid of all the lube and other fluids and use a toy cleaner or mild soap to get it clean using the free G-Project Cleaning Stick. After squeezing as much water out of it as you can insert something to absorb the rest of the water. Then put it in a toy bag and store it in a dry dark place or in the original box. For more elaborate instructions on how to keep your onahole in great shape as well as some handy products please see our pocket pussy cleaning product page .

Goku Hida Virgin 1100 in short

This mini sex doll torso has a tight and stimulating tunnel and stretchy material that feels amazing against your skin. A high quality product, made in Japan, this onahole will last you many uses!

Onahole length 21 cm
Onahole width: 12 cm
Onahole weight: 1100 grams
Tunnel length: 13 cm
Material: G-Project Grow Up Skin
Made in Japan

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Customer Reviews

4/5 Based on 2 reviews
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Material is a little hard
Review by Unknown
The toy is great but the maerial is stiff, the entrace is hard and sometimes gets difficult
Review helpful?
Nice, but overpriced.
Review by Tom
The hole itself is very nice, the ridges are pronounced enough to feel them slide across your peen but aren't rigid enough to be painful. The outside mold is gorgeous, while also providing something to fondle with fingers. Mine came a little dented and wrinkled from storage, this damage is sadly permanent and perhaps irreversible.
The material is nice to the touch, and it doesn't get sticky meaning you can skip powdering altogether!
There's a smaller version of this hole that unfortunately isn't sold by MotsuToys.
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 1,100.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 130.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Beste stimulatie!
Review by J.
Ben jij iemand die onaholes vaak net te weinig stimulatie vindt geven? dan is dit een aanrader! de ribbels in samenwerking met de strakheid bied een heerlijk gevoel. TIP: knijp de lucht eruit en je beland in een andere wereld!
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10 av 15
Review by Mr D
I början är denna skönheten väldigt tight! Men efter att töjt denna skönheten! Blir den väldigt väldigt sön!!
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Perfekt älskarinna
Review by Mr D
Wawww!! Såå tight såå mfantastiskt sköm att k,,,
Värmestav o verkligheten är här!! 10 av 5 stjarnor
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Pas que du commercial.
Review by Anthony
La Goku Hida Virgin est un bon investissement. Cela fait maintenant 2 mois que j'ai ce Onahole entre les mains et il tiens parfaitement le choc.

Le matériau extérieur est traité et reste non collant même après de nombreuses utilisations, je n'ai toujours pas besoin de poudre d'entretien pour lui, mis à part les marques déjà présentes lors de son ouverture, quasiment aucune dégradation extérieure à signaler, seul bémol sur les tétons du produits qui sont des pièces ajoutées et donc son plutôt fragiles et s'enlèvent facilement.

Les premières utilisations peuvent procurer beaucoup (trop?) de stimulation immédiatement tellement le tunnel se révèle serré. il faut prévoir pas mal de lubrifiant au début... cela à même été désagréable pour moi qui suis du côté "bien gâté par la nature".
Par contre le Grow up skin qui s'adapte, ce n'est pas du vent. Au bout de la 3ième ou 4ième utilisation, je me suis rendu compte que la stimulation était tout autre! Plus besoin d'autant de lubrifiant, et le tunnel offre une stimulation exceptionnelle, avis aux amateurs de succions, la chambre finale de celui-ci en apporte une bien forte, la Goku hida n'as pas envie de vous lâcher quand elle s'y met! J'ai toujours maintenant les mêmes sensations, il ne semble pas que le tunnel ne se dilate trop.
Le nettoyage est très simple, l'eau entre et chasse tout à l'intérieur sans avoir à forcer dans tout les sens.

Une dernière remarque sur le fait que celui-ci ne se montre pas discret, si vous voulez jouer au ninjas il va falloir reconsidérer l'achat car les bruits de succions sont présents.
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