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Description / Goku Tama Virgin Bubble Onahole

G-Project’s Virgin series is one of their most popular product lines. The soft material of the Virgin series, combined with the narrow tunnels, results in onahole which are suitable for a broad audience. They invariably have beautiful designs, both on the box and for the onahole itself!

Stimulating virgin onahole with a unique tunnel texture goku tama virgin

The Goku Tama Virgin is a handheld onahole which weighs 300 grams. This makes it perfect for use with one hand: not too big, not too small. The sides of the onahole are thick enough to create some pressure and cushion the feeling of your fingers - after all, if you wanted to feel your hand while masturbating, you wouldn’t have used an onahole!

Like with any onahole, the fun starts before you even enter: the stylized, cameltoe-like pussy has delightfully puffy labia, and sliding your glans up and down through the narrow slit is a great way to tease yourself a little before you push through into the tunnel itself.

As you squeeze through the tight hole you’ll feel the material squeeze down around you. Here, you’ll see that the bubble theme of the Goku Tama Virgin onahole goes beyond the bubblegum pink colour of the packaging and the cute illustration: a bubble-like texture fills the length of this onahole’s insides! The smooth protrusions have varying sizes, and with each stroke they will gently massage your member from all sides. Try spinning the onahole in addition to moving up and down to add some more variety to your session!

For the final stretch, G-Project has integrated a womb structure. The tunnel here narrows, and if you push through the tight cervix you’ll be rewarded by the grip of the womb’s smooth walls gliding past your glans.

Overall, the Goku Tama Virgin’s design is very smooth, which makes it great for people who get overstimulated quickly or prefer long sessions. The tunnel design has no hard edges that start irritating your skin after sliding across it repeatedly. You can further finetune your experience by picking the right personal lubricant. A thin lube will make the experience more intense, as it allows you to feel the stimulation in as much detail as possible. A thicker, more gel-like lubricant will make the stimulation a little milder.

Soft, stretchy pocket pussy that adjusts to your size

The Goku Tama Virgin onahole is made with G-Project’s Grow Up Skin material. This high-quality material doesn’t only feel soft and pillowy to the touch, it can also easily stretch to twice its size or more and spring back into shape afterwards! This stretchy material creates a steady pressure on your dick as you slide in, gently pressing the tunnel’s texture against you.

goku tama virgin stretchThis onahole has a single-layer design, meaning that it uses the same material throughout. This makes it very durable.

Easy to clean onahole

Thanks to the stretchiness, the straight tunnel and the simple texture, the Goku Tama Virgin is very easy to clean. There are no pesky little ridges where first can get trapped. Simply rinse the onahole thoroughly under the tap a couple of times before drying it well. If you want your onahole to stay fresh and last for a long time, be sure to check out our pocket pussy cleaning page. Cleaning your onahole well is easy, and if you do it well it will last much longer!

The Goku Tama Virgin in short

Soft, stretchy, adaptable, and with a beautiful design: what’s there not to love? If you’re looking for a straightforward single-handed onahole that’s easy to clean

Onahole length: 13 cms
Onahole width: 6.5 cms
Tunnel length: 11 cms
Weight: 300 grams
Material: G-Project Grow Up Skin
Includes free lube sample and storage pouch
Imported from Japan

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 300.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 110.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

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Review by L'inconnu
Un autre achat à l'aveugle, je cherchais un produit qui pourrait me donner des sensations, j'ai donc choisis celui-ci.

Goku Tama Virgin Bubble est petit mais ne vous fiez pas aux apparences, derrière cet objet au look banale ce cache un monstre !

Je déballe, nettoie et l'utilise...Les sensations sont puissantes et géniale, les bosses à l'intérieur attaquent votre pénis en permanence mais encore mieux, si vous pressez l'utérus avant la pénétration la succion est incroyable.

Un nettoyage extra simple pareil pour le séchage.

Goku Tama Virgin Bubble est un onahole de qualité, donnant de grandes sensations avec une boîte franchement cool, je recommande !
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