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Description / JULIA! Godly Frenzy BODY hole

JULIA! Godly Frenzy BODY hole - Obscene Frenzy Series

EXE's Obscene Frenzy Series presents an onahole modeled after the Japanese Adult Video actress JULIA! This series consists of several onaholes which are modeled after specific JAV actresses. Other sex toys of this series include the JULIA! Fella-man 2WAY hole which is also based on JULIA, and the Hashimoto Arina! Felaman 2WAY hole which is based on Hashimoto Arina.

A new AV Star Onahole

The very famous JAV actress JULIA is known under many names, but the most commonly used one in Japan is ‘JULIA’. She is known for her large J-cup sized breasts and beautifully shaped figure, which she has both lent out for various kinds of sex toys so far. Before becoming a pornstar, she was actually a nurse, and her caring attitude is still apparent in her current work. With this onahole you too can now experience a highly accurate miniature version of her shapely body.

As is clear from a look at the packaging, JULIA’s real three sizes are 101 cm (J-cup) - 55 cm - 84 cm. These proportions have been accurately scanned and remade in this onahole. Her iconic, divine, plump and springy breasts, her supple, delicate and slim waistline, and her attractively smooth and irresitible thick hips, are reproduced in exquisite detail on this superb sex toy.

How this onahole is different from other JULIA sex toys

The level of detail and the accuracy at which the proportions have been portrayed are not the only things that make this onahole so special. The entire sex toy is made up of single material, meaning that it is not only consistent, but it also means that it is more durable. This way, you can enjoy this wonderful onahole for a very long time.

On a scale from soft to firm, this onahole ranks as follows: Soft ●●●○○ Firm. This means it is neither too firm nor too soft, though it is favoured a bit more towards the firm side. This leads to the onahole feeling tighter and giving you more stimulation.

It is 17,5 cm long on the outside and the inside tunnel is only a few centimeters shorter. At a weight of 435 grams, it is neither too heavy, which would cause your arm to get tired earlier, nor is it too light, which would make it feel less real.

EXE’s reliable quality

Onaholes by this brand are fan favourites because of their durable material, little smell, textures with exactly the right amount of stimulation. EXE’s line of sex toys based on real-life porn actresses showcases their attention to detail. This way you can experience what it would be like to be with the actual adult actress, with an as realistic as possible product. The JULIA! Godly Frenzy BODY hole is of course no different from this!

Interior of the JULIA! Godly Frenzy BODY hole

As you enter this pussy you will first be greeted by a multitude of little nubs leading to an acute angle, followed by a tight hymen. You will then encounter the coiling lumps that caress you on your way to the open area, enhanced by two suction structures. The opening with extra bumps will create a vacuum making the suction even stronger. At the very end of the onahole you will be pleasantly surprised by countless nubs and a cervix that stimulates your glans.

Usage and maintenance of the BODY hole

When using a sex toy like this, be sure to use water-based lubrication to make sure your new sex toy lasts as long as possible. Oil-based or silicone-based lubricant can damage your sex toy and shorten its lifespan.

Because it is so easy to stretch the JULIA! Godly Frenzy BODY hole and because it is not too big, it is quite easy to clean. When drying the onahole, be sure to dry it properly. You can even use maintenance powder or a sex toy sack to make sure it doesn’t get damaged or decrease in quality. For more information about maintenance be sure to check out our cleaning page!

The JULIA! Godly Frenzy BODY hole in short

The JULIA! Godly Frenzy BODY hole is an onahole with the exterior modeled after the body of Japanese Adult Video actress JULIA. The slightly firm material combined with the well-designed texture makes this an onahole that isn’t only beautiful to look at, but which also feels great. EXE’s reliable quality means you can use this AV onahole again and again.

JULIA! Godly Frenzy BODY hole - Specifications

Weight: 488gr
Length: 17,5cm
Width: 12cm
Height: 15cm
Made by: EXE

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Great shape and feel with some minor quirks
Review by J
Overall a great hole, good quality material, great to look at and feels good in the hand.

The nature of both outside and tunnel leads to lots of variance in feel based on the orientation of use. Using the hole "from the back" is slightly awkward to hold, but the shape of the hips even allow a somewhat satisfying 2 handed approach.

The entrance to the hole is very tight, so entry can be awkward, along with the tunnel in general being quite narrow with a reasonably hard material, you can feel "pushed out" at times.

The tight entrance, curve and tight tunnel means cleaning and drying tricky, but doable as the material feels like it can take the force needed to get any drying material down to the end.

Review helpful?
Overall great toy, small, with maintenance sincerely needed.
Review by Simon
The body hole exterior is very gorgeously made, no weird lines or a flat bottom, very round, smooth, soft and just being good-looking in its entirety.
It's easy to hide, box looks pretty okay, fits in a large bag easily. I keep mines after drying and cleaning back in the plastic bag and in the box and afterwards in the bag.

The Maintenance... Yeah... As many know, cleaning is often the biggest annoyance... With Julia's body hole... no difference, in fact, after 3 times and using a Kyo Quick Drying Stick, the stick broke half way with the slightest ease of turning, while trying to get it through the whole tunnel (the stick being bought and only used for this specific one). The exterior can easily become sticky if you don't dry it with care and use powder!
I honestly can't recommend anything else compared to Really Use Powder for this one!

The Feeling: Realistic with the curves (which honestly caused the stick to break), different type layers and as it were opening/passages towards the next part, make it very good!

Overall product: Julia godly frenzy body hole. 4/5
Overall details and shape: 5/5
Maintenance: 3/5 (I want to say 2/5 but at least it's small and easier compared to bigger ones.)
Feeling: 5/5
Durability: 3/5 (I got mines now over a week and with the quick signs it givers with care, I do not see this lasting more then 6-9 months, sadly enough).

Discreet packaging: This was my first time ordering from Motsutoys and honestly, A simple cardboard with tape surrounding it and a very small label with the address of them on it, no name of the company / website / the product or mentioning type and such. Very well done!

P.S. The order before 19:00 on Sunday and get it on Monday, Is not a Lie! It was Quick!
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 488.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Porn
Tunnel length 150.00 mm
Number of layers 1 layer
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