Tenga Air Tech Vacuum Controller Cup

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Tenga Air Tech Vacuum Controller Cups

The sheer number and variety of Tenga cups is impressive. Because some look very similar, things can get confusing - even for us! 
So we want to explain them clearly to you.

The Tenga Vacuum Controller has been available for some time now. It is to be used with the Tenga - Original Vacuum Cup or the Tenga Ultra Size Vacuum Cup.

Unfortunately, the controller could not be used with the reusable Tenga cups, because they could not withstand the suction power.

Below you see the reusable Tenga cups (not for the Vacuum Controller):

Tenga Air Tech VC Cups

But now, Tenga has launched two Reusable Vacuum Cups that are suitable for the Vacuum Controller!
They are pictured below, and can be ordered from this page. 

Tenga vacuum VC Cups

If you don't own a Vacuum Controller yet, order it here. It comes with a free non-reusable Ultra Size cup.

Air Tech Cups VC

These new Air Tech VC (Vacuum Controller) Cups can be used in combination with the Vacuum Controller, although they already create plenty suction without it.
This is because the interior structure has been adjusted, and a so-called sleeve holder band has been added to the inside. This ensures that the interior of these Air Tech VC Cups stays firmly in place. 
The cups also have a small sponge near the entrance that stops the lubricant from running out during usage.
So everyone of you that already owns a Vacuum Controller can now enjoy reusable cups!

You can recognise the cups that are suitable for the Vacuum Controller by their design, and the 'VC' sticker on the top of the cup.

Tenga Air Tech VC Cup

The reusable VC Cups are available in two sizes, and can be mounted to the Vacuum Controller with its attachment.

In short: A new structure that feels amazing, and creates stronger suction than the other Air Techs - even without the Vacuum Controller

Renewed Tenga Air Tech Vacuum Cups Product Details

- Available in two sizes
- Better design with a stronger vacuum

- No more lube leakage during usage
- Band to keep the unit firmly in place

- Airflow structure with air chambers
- Reusable, so very economic for those that already own a VC
- Comes with a free 20 ml REAL Lotion from Tenga

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers1
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureWith bone structure
Tunnel length0mm
Product weight0gram
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