Kanzen Meiki 10 Ayu Sakurai


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Kanzen Meiki 10 Ayu Sakurai

This mini-body based on famous AV star Ayu Sakurai has it all! Detailed pussy, two tunnels and a sexy shape. If you want to know whether this is the toy for you, read on!

Perfect replica

If you’re not familiar with Ayu Sakurai’s work, look her up! You won’t be disappointed. This stunning Japanese actress has a cute face and a slender body with small, perky breasts. She loves sex, and isn’t shy about it!

When it comes to making onaholes based on famous AV actresses, N.P.G. holds the crown. Time and time again they make incredibly detailed replicas which capture the look and feel of the real thing. This new “Kanzen” series is no exception: Miss Sakurai’s pussy has been captured with all its intricate folds and lines. In case you’re wondering, the material is completely body-safe, so if you want to lick that beautiful pussy, don’t hold back!
The body doesn’t have quite the same proportions as the real one, but it captures her slender waist and perky breasts beautifully.

One and a half tunnel

The Meiki 10 has two tunnels, but one is a lot longer than the other. If you spread her pussy lips apart you’ll see the inviting red material inside. This material is a little firmer than the stuff used for the skin, and will deliver the perfect amount of stimulation. It is covered in organic nubs and curves to all sides, folds pressing against you at different points. By turning the onahole around you can make sure that the right bumps hit all your most sensitive spots!

The anal tunnel is short and tight, lined with stimulating ridges. This is great to tease yourself, pushing inside but not quite being able to go all the way in. Switch back between both tunnels and see how long you can keep going! Alternatively, insert a small bullet vibrator into her ass to add a little extra stimulation.

In short…

The Meiki 10 by NPG is another masterpiece! The beautifully shaped body, the detailed pussy and well-designed tunnel will make you never want to put this down again. Use this while watching Miss Sakurai’s movies, or don’t - it’s great either way!


Onahole length: 16.5 cm
Onahole weight: 520 grams
Includes free lube sample
Includes free washable bukkake poster
Material: TPE
Made in Japan by NPG

Additional Information

Number of holes2
Number of layers2
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length135mm
Product weight520gram