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G-Project’s NIKU-MAN series is aimed at the fleshy pleasures and softness that no other onahole can give you. The NIKU-MAN 2200 is a prime example of this, especially with its double softness structure and two completely different holes. The relatively small size of this onahole combined with its surprising weight, will also allow you to use it in various realistic positions.

Gaze upon this soft onahole!

Starting from just below where the breasts would be, this uncommon type of onahip gives you the pleasure of holding on to a fine waist and cute ass. This not only feels realistic, but it allows you to really immerse yourself in the fantasy more easily. With its soft pink colour, attractive looking pussy and inviting anus, the NIKU-MAN 2200 is just waiting for you to be used!

Included in the box is the G-Project x PEPE 5 ml Lotion, to give you a nice start with your new toy.

Weigh in onahole

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: this Onahip weighs a nice 2.200 grams (hence the name). Now, this weight doesn’t seem like all that much, until you see that the little torso is not as big as you thought. Having this condensed weight on your dick will make the experience feel more realistic than ever, seeing as you have something to hold on to and you feel the weighted aftershock of your every thrust.

Double Softness Power!

The NIKU-MAN 2200 has a unique combination of two different kinds of softness. As is illustrated on the side of the packaging, the top half is made out of a different material than the bottom half. The area indicated in yellow in the illustration has an elastic kind of softness. This high elasticity will ensure the onahip remains squishy and keeps its shape, even while fucking cowgirl style.
The pink area in the illustration on the other hand has more of a chubby kind of softness. Sink your fingers into spongy, puffy, soft skin around the pussy. This softness of this onahole not only serves as a cushion for when you are pounding away, it also feels great on your skin!

The enticing pussy and tight anus

The vaginal walls will softly coil around you with all of their nubs and bumps, switching between tighter and wider areas several times. To ensure you get the maximum amount of pleasure these bumps are present in all directions, pleasing you with every movement. To top it all off, once you go deep enough you will enter a womb-like chamber that, when pressed down on from the outside, will create a vacuum for more suction. Can you handle the intensity?

Of course that’s not all there is to it. The small tight anus will eagerly let you in, giving you access to a tight tunnel. Not only is the tunnel very tight, it is also filled with little ribs and ridges which will give you ecstatic orgasms.

Choose your favourite position

Because of the overall small size of this onahip you can use it in many different ways and positions. You can go for the relaxing cowgirl position, pulling her down on you to your heart’s delight, or you can go for the classic doggystyle and pound away from behind. Find your favourite position!

Cleaning your onahole: how to maintain the NIKU-MAN 2200

If you want to enjoy the NIKU-MAN 2200 again and again, make sure to clean it properly after each use.

1) Rinse the toy with water, and let the water run out.
2) Get a cotton cloth
3) Wrap the cloth around a blunt stick (the blunt end of a pencil will do), or better yet, use a drying stick. Insert the stick in one of the holes, and allow the cloth to absorb the moisture for about ten minutes.
Repeat with a dry end of the cloth or a second drying stick, as many times as necessary until the hole is entirely dry on the inside.
4) Though usually not necessary, you can further maintain the sex toy by using some maintenance powder especially made for this. It will make the onahole softer, less sticky, and have an overall longer durability.
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other hole, and you are done!

For more info, check out our cleaning page.

NIKU-MAN 2200 Specifications

Length: 21cm
Width: 18cm
Weight: 2200gr
Vaginal Tunnel length: 14,5cm
Anal Tunnel length: 13,5cm
Includes free lubricant: G-Project x PEPE 5 ml Lotion
Made by G-Project

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