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Description / Puni Ana F

Puni Ana F Blowjob Masturbator

EXE's mascotte is back and better than ever! After a great number of great onaholes, hips and a torso EXE finally decided to make an oral masturbator. The dual-layer design has a realistic and detailed tunnel, complete with a tongue and a tight throat to recreate the feeling of deepthroating. Read on to learn more!


EXE added a great number of toys to the The Puni Ana series over the years, ranging from small handheld masturbators to the 10 kg Puni Ana Miracle DX torso, but the Puni Ana F is the first blowjob onahole of the series.

EXE distilled all the knowledge and expertise they gained from designing the rest of the series into the The Puni Ana F. Even though the masturbator weighs in at a relatively light 330 grams it is still stimulating and realistic.

And don't worry, she doesn't bite! This onahole has no teeth, unlike the Bocca Della Verita or the ONDO!NUPU.

Deep Throat Experience

Like every blowjob, the Puni Ana F starts with a beautifully shaped mouth. Her lips are not just the standard “slit” like you might expect from the drawing on the packaging, but they are full and realistically shaped, with the corners turning up into a smile. Rubbing your glans over the well-lubricated lips is a great way to start your session.

Entry is made easy by the gap between her lips, which is larger than that of most pussy or anal holes. When you slide in you’ll feel her tongue pressing against you from below, and ridges from above. Push even further, to the back of her tongue, and you’ll feel the Puni Ana F tighten around you as you squeeze into her tight through. The tunnel here is lined with soft, organic folds, designed especially to imitate the real thing.

At the very back of the throat the tunnel squeezes around you, with several ridges to massage the top of your glans.

Double Layer Design

The Puni Ana F has two layers: a thick, skin-coloured layer on the outside, and a pink filling.

The outer layer is made to emulate the soft skin of a young woman. It feels great to the touch and also takes on heat quickly, if you want to preheat your onahole.

The squishy inner layer is made to deliver optimal stimulation. It’s a little spongy but not weak, and it is the perfect material for the tongue.

Summarizing the Puni Ana F

The Puni Ana F is a great addition to the Puni Ana line, with a beautiful design and semi-realistic stimulation.

Puni Ana F properties

Onahole length: 13 cm
Onahole width: 6.5 cm
Onahole weight: 330 grams
Includes free lotion (lubricant) sample
Material: TPE
Made by EXE

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Review by Khrone
It's like a sloppy blowjob, feels excellent, soft. The entrance start to tear after some use, but it still give me good times.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 330.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 110.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

sehr angenehm, mit Rissen am Eingang ist zu rechnen nach gröberer Nutzung
Review by MCM
trotz des sehr weichen Materials eine sehr gute Stimulierung. Unerwarteterweise spürt man hier die Zunge was man bei anderen BlowJob-Mastubatoren mit härterem Material nicht tut. Das weiche Material erlaubt trotz des kürzeren Tunnels auch bei längeren Penisen vollen Eintritt was durch auflegen der Hand am OnaHole-Ende eine weitere Stimulierungsmöglkichkeit bietet.
Kritik: Aufgrund des weichen Materials ist mit Rissen am Eingang bei regelmäßiger Nutzung zu rechnen, das dass flexible Ende nicht reißt ist ein Wunder und noch mit zu rechnen. Desweiteren ist die Unterdruckfunktion schwächer als bei anderen Mastubatoren. Produktionstechnisch würde ich das Aufbringen einer härteren Außenschicht empfehlen, was alle meine Kritikpunkte aufheben würde.
persönliche Anmerkung: ich bin ein großer Freund von Zähnen am BlowJob-Mastubator, vorallem aus härterem Material. Leider hat dieser gar keine.
Trotz allem zu empfehlen, einer der besseren BlowJob-Mastubatoren in dieser Preisklasse.
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