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30 Sep 2020 - 02 Oct 2020

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Puni Virgin Ride

The cooperation between G-Project and Ride Japan adds a new gem to the Puni Virgin collection: The Puni Virgin Ride. While it at first resembles the original Puni Virgin it clearly has some of Ride Japan’s influence, too. 

An Idol at your fingertips

The box design features a beautiful young woman who’s wearing a tight leotard under her uniform. She could be a member of one of the many idol groups from Asia: gorgeous, talented and hard-working, these girls are any man’s dream. She’s clearly ready to start exploring her body. Will you help her?

Puni Virgin Plus: even better than before!

If you’re familiar with other Puni Virgin onaholes you’ll no doubt have noticed that the Puni Virgin Ride resembles them in some ways. The weight and shape are very close to the original Puni Virgin: the slender body with a slit for a pussy looks very inviting and fits in your hand very comfortably. 300 grams is the sweet spot for onaholes according to many: thick enough that the meaty walls feel realistic, but not so big or heavy that one-handed use becomes difficult.

The tunnel starts off with a narrow entrance that clamps down gently around you. Then, four pleasure bumps covered in ridges envelop you from all sides, followed closely by another four pleasure bumps (this time covered in nubs), offset from the first at a slight angle. By moving the Puni Ana Ride not only up and down but also twisting it this onahole will give your shaft a tantalizing massage. What follows is one of Ride Japan’s specialties: microridges. These tiny ridges are impossible to feel individually, but the resulting structure creates a tunnel that grabs onto you and clings to you in an amazing way. This particular micro-ridged tunnel has a flower shape, with 6 ridges pushing gently around you.

The last area of the tunnel is a so-called womb structure. A narrow entrance permits entrance to a small round chamber. The entrance will slide up and down just beneath the tip of your penis, or you can let it slide over your glans. The uterus chamber also helps you form a stronger vacuum for added stimulation: just squeeze the air out before you slide in and this onahole generates quite some suction!

Excellent Material

The Puni Ana Ride is made out of Bungee Touch, soft and extra stretchy material. That means it will be a good fit for many different lengths: it stretches to almost twice its original size! Furthermore, it’s extra durable and easy to keep clean. What more could you want?

In Short…

The Puni Virgin Ride is a compact onahole that upgrades the popular Puni Virgin’s tunnel by adding one of Ride Japan’s most popular structures and improving the material.

Puni Virgin Ride Properties

Length: 13.5 cms
Tunnel Length:
Width: 7 cms
Height: 6 cms
Weight: 300 grams
Cooperation between G-Project and Ride Japan

Additional Information

  1. One of the best onaholes I ever tried Review by Momo

    The build quality, the softness of the material, the incredible stimulations, the little vacuum chamber at the end with the cervix like thingy (that I can actually feel on the tip of my cannon, which is rare for such a onahole this size) and the price, makes it one of the best onahole I've ever bought.
    The softness of the inside was really a surprise, the material used is amazing, the interior is soft but the exterior holds itself extremely well.
    Easy enough to clean, doesn't suck up a lot of lube.
    The packaging is really great and the little cute ass sticker on it made me chuckle.

    Would definitely recommend, probably the best soft onahole in this price range. (Posted on 7/27/2020)