Can you recommend a product?

It can be hard to pick an onahole - we understand! Here are some pointers to get you started:

  • Check out the Top 10 Sex Toys For Men. Here, we list some of our most popular products, which usually appeal to a wide audience. 
  • Learn more about onahole and pocket pussy properties: knowing these things will help you pick.
    Onahole tunnel length: if you want to go balls-deep, take your erect length into account. Note that most onaholes will stretch and become longer as you use them. 
    - Hard versus soft material: Firmer material will feel more intense and stimulating. 
    - Small versus wide tunnel: Tighter tunnels will feel more intense and stimulating.
    - High versus low texture: Very textured onaholes tend to be more stimulating, but you can also go very slowly with them for a unique experience.

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