Can I return a product?
You can return any items that are undamaged and unopened*. Send them to: Motsutoys (HC)
Fahrenheitstraat 11
6003DC Weert
the Netherlands We will process the refund once we have received the shipment and had time to inspect it, to make...
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I am unhappy with a product, what now?
Depending on what the problem is, there are several options: You regret buying the product: it happens! As long as the product is unopened and undamaged you can return it.  The product arrived damaged: Please...
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When will products be restocked?
We don't have set dates on which we receive new items. In order to keep costs down, we ship restocks by sea and order in big batches at once. In addition to that, we can never tell rpecisely when something will be back ins tock, because customs may take...
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Will you add a specific product to your shop?
Sometimes, customers want to get their hands on a specific onahole, pocket pussy or other sex toy for men, and they message us requesting to add it to our shop. There are a couple of important things to keep in mind: We can't add everything customers...
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Can you recommend a product?
It can be hard to pick an onahole - we understand! Here are some pointers to get you started: Check out the Top 10 Sex Toys For Men. Here, we list some of our most popular products...
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What kind of lubricant should I use?
Pretty much all onaholes and pocket pussies and even sex dolls are made from TPE/TPR material. We recommend using water-based lubricant with this, because it is 100% safe for the material...
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