Shipping and Delivery

COVID-19 and shipping
Last updated: 14-10-2021 During this corona crisis / COVID-19 crisis we are striving to continue our operation and keep you informed about how this situation might affect shipping compared to what you are used to. We will keep this page updated...
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Where does Motsutoys ship from?
We ship from a warehouse in the Netherlands. Because this is such a central location we can ship all over Europe and to the US very quickly. Because the Netherlands are in the EU, your order won’t have to pass customs if you live in the EU. ...
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Will customs check my order, and will that be a problem?
Whether your order will pas customs depends on where you live. Inside the European Union: The European Union has ‘free movement of goods and services’. We ship from inside the EU, so if you also live in the EU free market...
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My tracking isn't working
The following issues may occur: No tracking received: you may have to wait a little longer; tracking isn't generated until the label is printed. If you have received no tracking after 24h, please contact us.  Tracking doesn't update: reasons...
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Which countries does Motsutoys ship to?
Motsutoys ships to an increasingly large number of countries: most European countries are included. For a complete and up-to-date list with shipping information please check out our shipping page.  If you're form the USA...
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Does Motsutoys use discreet shipping?
Absolutely! We understand that your privacy is important to you, and that's why we'll always make sure anything we ship is discreet. We use a plain cardboard box without images, brands, logos or our name, and even the return address on the label is discreet...
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Can you ship my item without packaging?
Unfortunately due to the way our warehouse is set up this is currently not possible. Rest assured, though, we ship discreeetly.  We have a couple of items which have been repacked into a blank box. If this is available...
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Why can't I select a parcelpoint/pickup point?
Sometimes things don't go as planned with certain modules. You can try clearing your browser cache, disabling extensions or using a different browser. Sometimes, the problem resolves itself within minutes or hours.  Still having issues? Don't hesitate...
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Can I change my address?
Yes, please contact customer service with any address changes or updates. Keep in mind that this is something that we, and the shipping company, have to process manually so it will take a little while to update.
Note: changing...
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Can I return my order?
You can return any items that are undamaged and unopened*. Send them to: Motsutoys (HC)
Fahrenheitstraat 11
6003DC Weert
the Netherlands We will process the refund once we have received the shipment and had time to inspect it, to make...
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Can I have items delivered on a specific date?
Unfortunately, this is not possible currently. If you're not sure when you'll be available to receive your order, consider shipping to a parcelshop or pickup point. Check out our shipping page to see which options are available...
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Can you delay shipping?
Unfortunately we cannot delay shipping or ship on a later date. 
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