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Description / Little Hip Kominato

Little Hip Kominato

Sometimes big things come in a small package - and that’s definitely true for Little Hip Kominato! While 600 grams isn’t exactly heavy for an onahip, this small hip masturbator by G-Project is absolutely packed with character.

Lithe, athletic and energetic

The girl on the package beams a bashful smile at you, dressed in nothing but a wrinkled white blouse and clutching her cup of coffee. She isn’t one for frills and lacy things: she prefers life to be straightforward and fun. Her young body has small breasts and gentle curves and years of sports have given her excellent stamina. How long can you last with a girl like this?

Pocket Pussy with intricate design

The Little Hip Kominato has a narrow waist and a nice little bubble butt. The material used feels soft and realistic.
With how straightforward as the character on the box looks you might have expected a simple onahole design, but G-Project has put a lot of effort in designing this onahole’s tunnel. The opening allows you to slide in easily, but it soon tightens a little around you. The Little Hip combines large bumps with delicate folds, alternating in different directions. At the very end a small round chamber is covered in a number of small soft ridges. Its tunnel slopes up and down gently, which means that you can change the stimulation by turning the onahole one way or another. The design is so complicated that you’ll never feel all the different “zones” individually, but the resulting sensation is fantastic nonetheless.

Dual Layer Onahole Design

Little Hip Kominato has a dual layer design. The outside layer is made specifically to mimic a woman’s skin: it’s soft to the touch and slightly elastic. The red inside layer isn’t only there to look inviting when you spread Kominato’s pussy; the material also clings to you for an extra realistic experience.

Cleaning a pocket pussy

Cleaning sex toys for men can be a bit of a hassle, but with Little Hip Kominato it is fairly straightforward: rinse the tunnel thoroughly after use, making sure to get any fluids and gunk from between the folds deeper inside this onahole. Then dry it well to avoid unpleasant smells and bacterial growth. Want to make cleaning your pocket pussies easier? Pick up some of our pocket pussy cleaning products.

Little Hip Kominato properties

Height: 13.5 cms
Tunnel length: 10 cms
Width: 12 cms
Depth:: 8cms
Brand: G-project
Weight: 600 grams
Includes G project 5ml lotion sample

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 600.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 100.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers
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