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Description / Panzer Girls - Kay Onahole

Kay’s curvy body, blonde hair, playful personality and can-do attitude are enough to get any guy’s attention… And when she has your attention, she won’t let you go! That larger of XTC Japan’s Panzer Girls onaholes, this pocket pussy has a nice fleshy feel to it, and the red inner layer is lined with a huge variety of well-made textures.

Premium Material, premium manufacturing

The Panzer Girls Kay onahole has a simple but elegant shape: a fairly realistic pussy and anus adorn the front, and the “body’ of the onahole is shaped like a toned belly, with a belly button and a slight curve of muscles. It feels great to the touch and has a very neutral smell.Panzer Girl Kay

Soft skin

The premium material feels soft and luxurious to the touch: squishy and pillowy rather than like the jelly-like texture cheap toys sometimes get. The onahole contains very little oil, yet it is still soft - something that you may know is a pretty rare combination. 

XTC Japan achieved this perfect balance through a special technique where thousands of tiny air bubbles are captured inside the material, without touching the surface of it. This advanced manufacturing technique creates a beautifully bouncy, durable material without needing to soften it with oil.

Premium tunnel material

But that’s not all: the Panzer Girls Kay is lined with a thick layer of red material, meant to feel just like a woman’s pussy: stretchy yet grippy. The material holds detail incredibly well, and if you add some lubricant and use a USB warmer the shivers of pleasure will soon be running down your back.

Kay’s tunnel

When you push into Kay’s pussy you’ll find yourself being assaulted from all sides by a wide variety of textures, with a pleasant switch between more intense and more mellow ones.

At the entrance, subtle lines guide you in, past two gates. The tunnel tightens as pleasure bumps push against your from all sides: they stretch and move a little with every thrust, the ridges on their surface gently gripping your skin for extra stimulation. Then it eases up a little, with walls lined in subtle organic textures and massaging bubbles. If you slow down and turn the onahole the right way you can feel these little bubbles caress your most sensitive spots.

Of course Kay wouldn’t settle for anything but an explosive ending: the end of the tunnel has two membrane-like gates that wrap around your cock as you thrust all the way in, and the round dots in her “womb” slide over the tip of your cock

Panzer Girls Kay in short

XTC Japan’s Premium line really shines in this onahole: the textures are clear and detailed, the material feels absolutely amazing and the dual-layer construction takes it to the next level.

Panzer Girls Kay Specifications

Onahole length: 16 cm
Onahole width: 7.5 cm
Tunnel length: 13.5 cm
Weight: 390 gr
Material: XTC プレミアム (Premium)
Brand: XTC Japan

panzer girls hentai onahole premium material

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Customer Reviews

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Not good, but not bad
Review by Succ
For this price, or maybea bit more, you can definitely get something better. Over the years i find it that weight means everything. Second comes tunel detailing (intensity of stimulation and sucction) and 3is is lenght and very last is design really (aside that the best shape is a classic cylinder. You want the onahole to be thick as possible all the way. The moment you can feel your hand through it anywhere, ruins the entire thing. This onahole is small but the material sturdines takes away the feel of hand. Stimulation is pretty weak despite being 2 layered. Inner red could have probably been a much harder material or softer and more suction. Cause this thing has no suction at all. Its ok, durable. But My to go recommendation is the Temptation Witch.
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J'adore et je peux plus m'en passer!!
Review by Abderrahmane
Qualité et finition premium !!
Difficile d'en sortir une fois a l'intérieur !
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 390.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 135.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Super Tunnel und langlebig
Review by Thomas
Hier bekommt man wirklich ein super onahole, medium fest, intressanter Tunnel und langlebiges material. Ausserdem sieht es auch noch sexy aus
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Review by MasterBrain
Kein schlechtes Onahole aber innen ist es ein wenig zu weich.
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Die Beschreibung des tunnels past zu der Stimulation.
Review by Attila
Der Tunnel fühlt siech genau so an wie in der Produkt Beschreibung meine lieblings stelle ist die mitte des tunnels und wen man das Onahole mit beiden Händen fest umklammert bittet das Onahole mer Stimulation.
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Review by Abderrahmane
Un confort incroyable une fois dedans et les sensations sont vraiment folles !
Produit premium pas cher et fidèle à l'image de la marque XTC.
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