A bride on the wedding night


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A Bride On The Wedding Night

‘A Bride On The Wedding Night’ is an Onahole from Toysheart and not a high-end masturbator, but an onahole in the lower segment.

The box looks nice, but a bit small. And the elongated packaging has an image of a half naked bride that supports her breasts. 
A bride on the wedding night

When you take the onahole out of the packaging, it looks like a trunk. Yes you read it right, this could almost be the inside of a double layered onahole. Because this onahole is around 1,5cm thick and in some places even thinner.

The entrance is pretty tight and the rest of the tunnel consists of narrowings and ridges.

Marrying? Rather not…

At last, it's the night you've been looking forward to for years. The wedding night, finally she gives herself to you… but unfortunately this is not exacly what you expected from it. Maybe is this a way from Toysheart to discourage marrying, or maybe this is just what you can expect from an onahole below 10 euros.

This is not the best onahole we sell and ‘A Bride On The Wedding Night’ is our cheapest onahole on our website.


But it certainly is a fun product to have, or to try once. The ‘A Bride On The Wedding Night’ gives a lot of vacuum and you will surely experience pleasure from this sleeve.

The use of ‘A Bride On The Wedding Night’ feels a bit like wearing and taking off a sock, the backside of this onahole flails towards all sides and you have to lead this bride, so your penis can arrive at the backside of the tunnel.

When you hold the underside and stretch the upper side you get a strong vacuum where the upper side of the ‘A Bride On The Wedding Night’ pulls over your penis at the same time.

You can compare it a bit with 4 Tenga eggs lined up and hey, this surely is an ‘ok’ onahole for this price.

It is a fun gift or an extra with another onahole.

Dimensions A Bride On The Wedding Night

Length: 17cm
Tunnel length: 15cm
Weight: 150 grams

Packaging B80×H190×D60
Lubricant sample of 12ml delivered along

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers1
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length150mm
Product weight150gram
  1. Not as bad as I expected. Review by Anonymous

    The smell of the product after opening the box was not the greatest. The material it is built out of is sticky. I like it, due to the fact that I bought it with another product and it's a nice change of pace. (Posted on 12/4/2018)