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Description / Paizuri Raw Milk - Tit masturbator 2.5 kgs

Paizuri Raw Milk Breast masturbator

Boobs, titties, breasts, knockers… However you want to call them, the fact is that few straight men can resist a nice pair! The Paizuri Raw Milk tit sex toy lets you play with them for as long as you’d like. Thanks to the quadruple material structure these breasts almost feel better than the real thing.

Paizuri: one more way to have a good time

Paizuri is the Japanese term for titty-fucking: pushing large breasts together and fucking the cleavage between them. This feels best when you add a generous amount of water-based lubricant so you can move smoothly.

You can use your hands to push the Paizuri Raw Milk's tits together but you can also use a tight tube top, a belt, lingerie or your favourite cosplay outfit to squeeze them together and make them look awesome. Be mindful that some darker fabrics can stain the material over time, so be sure to store the sex toy “naked”.

The perfect shape of this breasts has first been designed digitally, then perfected by an experienced sculptor, so that the end result is as close to the intended look and feel as possible.

Quadruple layer structure for extra realism

The Paizuri Raw Milk Breast Masturbator contains four different materials, ad each of these adds something to the final experience

  • Base plate: The flat back of this sex toy is made out of a sturdier material, giving the toy a little extra strength and making it less likely to fold or bend in the middle
  • Skin material: the breasts are covered with a soft material which has been engineered to feel as much like real skin as possible. It is soft, squishy and a little stretchy, but firm enough to make sure the breasts keep their shape
  • Nipple material: the pink nipple is made out of material that feels similar to the skin material but is coloured differently. Doing it like this means that the colour will never wear off the nipples, no matter how much you play with them!
  • Inner material: The inside of this Paizuri toy is made out of a soft, jiggly, gel-like material which feels incredibly lifelike. This doesn’t feel like a breast implant would on a girl: the transition is smooth and the effect very realistic.

All in all, this tit sex toy is 28.5 cms wide and 20.5 cms tall (from sternum to collarbone), and it weighs 2.5 kilograms. At this size it’s big enough to feel real, but small enough to store and move easily. Put it down on your bed or lay it flat on top of a desk and experiment with different positions! You can even use it with a dakimakura.

Cleaning and storage: keep your Paizuri toy in perfect shape

Real titties need a bra to keep them in shape, but a Paizuri toy needs a different type of care. After use, rinse everything with lukewarm water, massaging it to get the lube and fluids off. Then dry the surface with a clean and dust-free fabric, like a microfiber towel. The next step is to apply a little maintenance powder. While this is an optional step, we highly recommend it: it doesn’t just make the toy feel soft again, it also keeps dust from sticking to it and prolongs the toy’s lifespan by creating a protective barrier.

By storing your Paizuri Raw Breast Milk Masturbator in a cool place away from sunlight the material will last longer. It is also important to make sure the toy is stored in breathable material, so any last bits of moisture can escape and no condensation will form. A toy sack is an easy way to achieve this.

The Paizuri Raw Milk Breast masturbator in short

This compact yet realistic tit sex toy has an amazing shape and feels very reaslistic thanks to the quadruple layer structure. Perfect for paizuri, fondling, or whatever else you’d like to do with a pair of perfect tits.

The Paizuri Raw Milk Breast masturbator specs

Width: 28.5 cm
Height: 20.5 cm
Weight: 2.5 kgs
Quadruple material structure
By SSI Japan

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If You're a boob enjoyer i'd recommend
Review by Jaquesmanuel
badge-check Verified Buyer
Not really a realistic shape and it doesnt jiggle as much as some "high end" breast toys, but those other toys are hella expensive and this one is a good bang for the buck.
The feeling is still there - pressing it together, it looks very nice and while fondling, it's soft enough.
I have enjoyed my time sucking on those nipples as a feature enhancing a play session greatly, only made better by the fact that they're made from a separate harder material (like erect nipples) so the color doesn't fade.
I understand the that the shape and lack of jigliness is for better paizuri stimulation apparently.
Best box ever - i love it; the top piece closes on velcro and just that full image is impressive to see unfolded.
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Review by Lucas
Very good product
Review helpful?
Review by Voca
I really did not expect such high quality, it was kinda my first time buying it and I'm so satisfied with it. If I would ever need a second one I'd buy the same thing again. Just an awesome product!
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 2,500.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Open/Closed Open
Number of layers 4 layers

International Reviews

On the small side, but good material
Review by Ssing
Its good for the price, I would advise to look around for other options, as theyre on the small side. After about 1 year of use, it seems like the toy shrunk a bit, but thats probably happens with most toys. I have only used it to fondle, so I cant review it for Paizuri. I do think its too small for that in overall size.

- Cheap & good material
- Firm, in a good way
- Personally would prefer bigger, such as "Pururun Tennen Oppai Breasts" ( those are known to be too soft for Paizuri though )
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