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Description / Magic Face 3 - Custom!

Magic Face Onahole - a Customizable Blowjob head

When EXE released the Magic Face 2 Yukikaze they realized how much demand there was for a nearly life sized blowjob sex toy that you can really grab onto. But Yukikaze’s pigtails weren’t for everyone, so what to make next? EXE decided to create a completely customizable head, so that everyone can make the character they want - or just keep it bare, of course!

magic face onaholeCustomize the look: onahole dress-up

You can use all kinds of accessories to customize the Magic face’s look. The box already gives some examples: not just wigs, but also glasses, blindfolds, cat ears, a shirt, scarf, necklace or eye patch can be used! This version of the head has ears designed to hold glasses, though you might still want to grab a small size. While no accessories are included, because people’s tastes are so diverse, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for online or in shops.

With these customization options you can recreate your favourite characters or invent new ones. It makes the Magic Face 3 incredibly versatile, and dressing the head differently makes it feel like a whole new experience.

Deluxe blowjob sextoy with deepthroat

The magic Face 3 has two “levels” at which you can use it: as a regular blowjob sex toy, and as a deepthroat or throat-fucking sex toy.

Before you slide into that open mouth, be sure to lube it up well to have the best experience. You can even use a USB warmer to preheat the mouth a little. The stuck-out tongue guides you into her mouth, which is lined with stimulating, organic textures. Hitting the back of her mouth feels good, but if you want more you’ll have to push through…

The tunnel angles down sharply as you push from her mouth into her throat. Feel the tight, stimulating throat wrap around you as you plunge all the way inside. Grab the head to facefuck her as hard as you like, or grab her by the throat for something truly unique.

Soft yet sturdy: on the subject of skeletons

With an almost real-sized toy like this, soft material alone isn’t enough: you need something to provide sturdiness. This new version of the Magic Face uses almost exactly the same skeleton of the Magic Face 2 did, as that worked so well. There is a sturdy base plate, a “spine” running up the neck and a “skull” inside most of the head.

The skeleton structure still has some flexibility to it, which means that with a slight push against the top, the head will sway back and forth… The perfect motion for a blowjob!

The Magic Face onahole: in short

magic face onahole

The newest addition to EXE’s line of blow job heads is beatifully designed, feels amazing, and can easily be tailored to your tastes by dressing it up. If you love getting head (and who doesn't?) this is a great toy for you. 

Magic Face 3 Specs

Weight: 2800gr
Length: 28cm
Width: 21cm
Tunnel length: ~18cm
Made by: EXE

Magic Face 3 Specs

Weight: 2800gr
Length: 28cm
Width: 21cm
Tunnel length: ~18cm
Made by: EXE

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Review by MrRimmer
Incredibly beautiful and well made. Comes with a wig! It's super realistic!
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 2,800.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 180.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

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Review by chokito
omg. best ever
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