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Tenga Fliphole Black

Looking at the interior you might think that the FlipHole Black is much tighter than the older FlipHole. This is not the case, because it has panels that can move outward, creating a soft and smooth sensation.

The new structure gives a lot more stimulation. We have to warn you: you may just reach your climax in half the time you are used to!

Use the 3 buttons on the FlipHole to adjust the pressure in different areas.
With the button in the middle you activate the vacuum mechanism.
The bottom button will narrow the entrance of the FlipHole Black. The top button will narrow the part around the head of the penis and increase stimulation.

The FlipHole Black has a total length of 17,5 cm and weighs 530 grams. The interior is made out of odourless elastomer. The inside of the FlipHole Black measures 16 cm in length. The FlipHole Black is a very popular product, and deservedly so. It feels fantastic, it looks very sleek, and on top of that it is very easy to clean. Are you looking for a masturbator that will give you pleasure for years to come? Then you should choose the FlipHole Black.

Tenga FlipHole Black Characteristics:
Size: 85 x 68 x 175 mm (3,3 x 2,7 x 6,9 ")
Weight: 530g
Lubricant: 3 types of lubricant are supplied: "Real", "Mild", and "Wild". This will help you undergo this unique experience in different ways. Every tube contains enough lube to enjoy the FlipHole Black a few times. More suitable lubricant can of course be ordered.
These 3 lubricants offer unique sensations: WILD (in the black bottle) is the thinnest lube and gives a light stimulation because a light menthol-extract has been added.
The MILD FlipHole lubricant is thicker, and is composed differently.
The REAL FlipHole lubricant is thicker, and is composed differently.
But you can use any other water-based lubricant.

Below you can see how easy it is to clean this toy:

User Instructions and cleaning the Tenga FlipHole:

Cleaning the Tenga Fliphole

1. Slide the casing to open the Tenga FlipHole.
2. Fold open the Tenga FlipHole and add some lubricant.
3. CLose the Tenga FlipHole and slide the casing on the back.
4. Let the fun begin! And don't forget to use the buttons.

5. When you are finished, slide the casing back and fold open the Tenga FlipHole.
6. Clean it with lukewarm water and some soap.
7. After rinsing, let the Tenga FlipHole dry.
8. Put the casing back and it is ready to be used again.

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers1
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureWith bone structure
Tunnel length0mm
Product weight530gram