Rends Ona Apron

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Ona Apron

The Ona Apron is a product that has been specifically designed for masturbation. While the act is one of pure pleasure, it can be annoying how sperm can run down your body once you're done. It ends up between your loins, in your hair, your clothes, and sometimes on your sheets or upholstery!

With Rends' Ona Aprons this is a thing of the past. Ona Aprons are small aprons, with a hole for your dick. The hole is in the centre, and the flaps around it ensure that the sperm cannot leak.

The material

Ona Aprons are made out of light and non-porous material. They absorb the fluid without leaking. The fibres in the material stop the sperm from running off.

Rends Ona Apron

Of course these aprons can also be used during regular or oral sex.

The packaging is easy to open, and holds 10 Aprons. They are 27.5 cm in diameter. The perfect size to prevent lubricant, sperm, or any other juices to run into your pubes and loins.

Just stick your dick in the hole. If it is too tight, tear lightly or cut it open. The inside of the apron is lined with thin plastic, so it cannot tear any further by itself.

Rends Apron Ona

As pictured on the right, the blue fluid does not soak through the Ona Apron; the apron protects everything underneath it.

Rends Ona Aprons are masturbation aprons with a 27 cm diameter. Easy and quick to use, allowing you to focus on shooting your load, instead of worrying about the mess...

Additional Information

  1. Very usefull ! Review by C4zyDuck

    Very usefull for onahole which tends to make a mess with lube or other juices. That you you keep your clothes clean from any stains and can even rewash each piece of paper up to 3 time !
    Check out my full review on (Posted on 7/28/2016)

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